how to tell a guy you like him

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him (7 Methods That Work Each Time)

by Kamara
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How To Tell a Guy You Like Him (7 Methods That Work Each Time)

Wondering how to tell a guy you like him? This post right here details seven methods experts swear by to take care of this little problem.

This might be the 21st century with so many changes, but a few things remain solidly unchanged and one of these is the fact that a lot of women still hold back from letting a guy in on their feelings for him.

Now, there are a few reasons for this hesitancy and one of them is the fear of rejection. Women fear rejection and react to it differently from the way a man would. According to Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D., men and women process and react to rejection from the opposite sex differently. While men might see a rejection from his love interest as a challenge and a nudge to intensify his efforts at the pursuit, women internalize it and become emotionally hurt.

She’s more likely to interpret his rejection as the fact that something might be wrong with her.

So what do you do when you like a guy? Do you let the fear of being rejected hold you back from what could very well be a great relationship, or do you take your chance, knowing there is some possibility – sometimes a rather large one- that he just might feel the same.

how to tell a guy you like him
how to tell a guy you like him

How to Tell a Guy You Like Hime :7 Ways to Let Him Know

Experts agree on these seven ways to let a guy know you like him.

1) Straight Up Let Him Know How You Feel

Contrary to what a lot of us ladies believe, most men do not suddenly conclude you are easy if you open up about your feelings for him. If anything, the opposite is the case. Men understand rejection; they know just how much courage it takes walking up to your love interest, to lay your heart bare before them and they respect such boldness.

Now, here are a few things you should know though:

  • The fact your move might earn you his respect doesn’t mean it will lead to a relationship if he doesn’t feel the same way.
  • There are still a few traditional men out there – albeit a few – who still say they would like to be the hunter. So if your crush happens to fall into this group, then you can expect a slightly less pleasant reaction from him.

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2) Show Him You Like Him By Becoming a Lot More Caring

Guys might not be as intuitive as women who can sense a guy’s interest from a mile away, but they are quite logical and if you suddenly became more caring, then he’s bound to catch up sooner or later that you dig him.

The good news is that there are more than a few ways to do so, from paying particular care to his needs to taking him treats and special home-baked goodies. If you keep at this, then be prepared to either have him reciprocate in kind or to slowly let on he doesn’t feel quite the same.

how to tell a guy you like him
how to tell a guy you like him

3) Talk With His Friends

This is easier if you all move within the same cycle. His friends are the best people to approach in this case. Not only will you know his feelings towards you, but you will also find out if there is a strong contender for his affections and if you stand a chance.

4) Use Your Body Language

Whoever said men are visual beings didn’t tell a lie. Sometimes, a man is more likely to pick up non-verbal cues a lot faster than he would words spoken.

So when next you are around your crush, show your interest by smiling a lot more, leaning into him when you speak, flipping your hair, or swaying your hips as you walk away.

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5) Ask Him Out on a Date

This is another direct way to let on you are into him. However, if you are feeling nervous about this move and a little apprehensive about what his reaction would be, then you could throw in some lightness into the situation. You could say something like:

“Hey, there’s this new restaurant that just opened up around the corner. How about we go check it out to find out if the food is all it’s cracked up to be.”


There’s a great movie showing at the movies. Why don’t we go check it out; I’ll grab the tickets and you can get the popcorn!”

how to tell a guy you like him
how to tell a guy you like him

6) Pay Him Compliments

It turns out women are not the only ones who love compliments, especially if they’ve put in a lot of effort into looking good.

So…the next time you see him looking like a million bucks, you want to let him know he looks great and not in that general way we would compliment a male friend or coworker who looks good, but in a way that would let on you see and appreciate him as a man.

7) Let Your Girlfriend Do The Talking

If you are the conservative type, then this would be a great option. Your girlfriend wouldn’t even need to say anything if you don’t want her to. All she’d need to do is some light digging to find out if you both are on the same page.

The best part about this option is that he never needs to know how you feel if, in the end, you find out he doesn’t feel the same.

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