Three Surefire Ways of Removing a Stubborn Lipstick Stain from Your Shirt

by Muobo
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Lipstick stains are inevitable and sooner or later you will get one on your dress, either by hugging a colleague or trying to get that shirt off in a hurry. If this happens, fear not as these stains, although quite stubborn, can be removed.

First off, you should know (if you don’t already) that trying to remove a lipstick stain the regular way by washing the stained dress alongside other clothing is an effort in futility. This happens because a lipstick stain is made up of three different stains:

– Grease
– Wax
– Emollient

Therefore, while a regular stain would likely go off when you wash with a detergent, the best you’ll get with a lipstick stain is it fading off a little.

So how then do you get rid of such a stain?

There are a few ways to achieve this and all require you putting in a little more effort
and directly on the stained part.

Here are Three Effective Ways to Get Rid of Lipstick Stains

Before starting, I should point out that ‘attacking’ the stain as soon as it happens is a much better and faster way of getting it to come off. The longer you let it sit, the harder it becomes afterwards.

That said, here are some proven home remedies for getting rid of lipstick stains:

1. Use a Hairspray
Using a hairspray on a lipstick stain is one of the safest and fastest ways to eliminate it. However, before using, be sure your fabric is one that can handle such a harsh treatment or it could get damaged.

Check your cloth label to be sure it isn’t a fabric that requires special care or drycleaning so you don’t end up ruining it further.

If it can spray directly on the stain and let it sit for 15- 20 minutes. The hairspray goes to work on the stain, softening it so it becomes easy to wash or clean off.

Next, get a piece of clean white cloth and some warm water and dab at the stain.

The stain will continually fading gradually until it disappears. If you find it still proving stubborn, you should repeat the process from he start.

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2. Dish Washing Soap
This method for eliminating lipstick stains might seem unconventional, but it works like magic. This is because dishwashing soaps are so made to be effective against oil and grease. It will therefore also be effective in attacking the greasy part of the lipstick stain.

To use, apply a moderate film of dishwashing soap over the stain and leave for 10 minutes to permeate the fabric.

Next, using a paper towel, apply pressure directly at the stain for a few minutes. The pressure will absorb some of the stain so whatever is left comes off easily when washed.

3. Rubbing Alcohol
For this method, you want to get a cotton ball to be used as an applicator.

Dip this into the rubbing alcohol and dab at the lipstick stain. Do this until it gradually starts to fade off. You can then go right ahead to wash the dress.

If using any of the above methods, be sure the lipstick stain comes off completely before drying as such stains are harder to remove once the dress is allowed to dry.

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How to Remove Lipstick Stains from Already Dry Clothing

Although harder, it is still possible to get the stain off if you already allowed the shirt get dry.

Here are items you can use this time around:

– Diluted Ammonia
– Oxygen Bleach
– Vinegar
– Acetone (nail polish remover)

With the aid of an eye dropper, apply a little diluted ammonia, oxygen bleach, or vinegar directly on the stain and then scrub at it using a toothbrush you no longer use.

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