How to remove a splinter

How to Remove a Splinter Underneath Your Fingernail Without Pain

by Muobo
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How to Remove a Splinter Underneath Your Fingernail Without Pain

Three days ago, I was peeling some unripe plantain when in the process, a little unripe plantain forcefully entered underneath my fingernail. Of course, the pain was instant and I quickly dropped the plantain.

Blood pooled under the nail as I tried to get the the object out amidst the pain. In the end, I realized trying to get it out was an effort in futility as it was stuck deep inside, so I decided to do the next best thing available to me in such a situation; I turned to Google.

Of course, the search engine gave me a very obvious solution; wash your hands with soap and water and using a tweezers, pull the object out from underneath your fingernail. It didn’t take into account the fact the object could be stuck deep within, a place where a tweezer couldn’t get to.

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I decided to take matters into my own hands and here’s what I did.

How to remove a splinter
How to remove a splinter

How I Got the Stuck Object Out with Very Little Pain

I left it stuck in there.

Yea, I can see your brows going up in surprise at my solution. I’m sure you were expecting something way different, but hear me out.

I left the object stuck underneath, however, I didn’t leave the wound that way. What I did instead, was prepare a slightly hot water solution to soak the finger in. I put a little salt in the water to serve as a disinfectant (if you aren’t comfortable using salt, then you can totally use a disinfectant. They will serve the same purpose). Next, I immersed the finger in this water and let it soak for 45 seconds to a minute. I did this for ten minutes until the water became lukewarm.

I repeated this process every three hours and I noticed a few things after a while:

  • The hot water helped with the pain. With each soak, the pain reduced, until it got to a point where it was just a very faint throb when I touched it.
  • It prevented the wound from getting infected, seeing as I let the object remain there.

By the evening of the second day, the pain was dull enough for me to attempt removing the object. I also noticed it was no longer stuck deep inside but had come closer to the tip and it was just a matter of getting it out with a pair of tweezers.

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I got the tweezers and with a few grips, got the object out with no pain and very minimal discomfort.

Of course, I still carried out the hand soak a few more times, although not as frequently as I did.

If you’re like me that is scared to death of even the littlest pain, then this method will work just fine for you. However, if you have the object stuck deep within, then you should have an expert check it out to prevent more unpleasantness resulting.

How to remove a splinter
How to remove a splinter

Other Proven Ways to Remove a Splinter Without Pain

Other ways to get a splinter out with very little or no pain include:

  • Pour a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl of water and soak the affected hand in for 15 minutes. This will draw the splinter out and you might not need a tweezers to get it out.
  • Cut a small piece of onion and tape this to the finger overnight Again this will draw the splinter to the tip, making it easier for you to pull it out.
  • Put a few pinches of epsom salt into a bowl and soak the hand for 15 minutes. This will also draw the splinter to the surface so it can be pulled out.

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