How to pick up a guy at the gym

How to Pick Up a Guy at the Gym Without Coming Across as Desperate

by Kamara
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How to Pick Up a Guy at the Gym Without Coming Across as Desperate

It’s 2020 and women are no longer limiting themselves to just traditional roles. Times have changed and we are taking more active roles in decisions that affect our lives and happiness.

Say you meet a cute guy at the gym(and there are lots of fit, tonned guys there!) do you sit on your arms hoping he notices you too or do you take matters into your own hands and do something about this attraction?

I feel I should state here though, that while times have changed with women becoming a lot more liberated in their thinking and actions, some things remain the same and won’t be changing anytime soon.

One of these is who men are; their physiological makeup. Men will always remain the aggressors deep within and approaching them might make a few feel emasculated.

Ahould this stop you from approaching a guy you like at the gym? Hell, no. However, it should make you want to do it the smart way.

So, if you are a woman who likes a guy at a gym, here are some surefire ways of approaching him that men swear work each time. What’s more?This approach is totally sexy and you would still make look respectable at the end.

How to pick up a guy at the gym

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Tips for Picking Up a Guy at The Gym

1) Stalk Him. A Little

Not in an obvious way, but enough to find out important details about him like his name and a few other things.

You also want to find out if he really is your kind of guy, not just physically, but where it counts the most. You dont want to spend all that time flirting and being warm, only to find out he’s not it.

Granted, while you won’t be able to find out his whole personality, no matter how you try, you should be able to find out enough to determine if he truly is worth the attention.

2) Catch His Attention

Now that you have determined he really is the complete package, this would be the time to take things to the next level.

Guys are simple creatures and you don’t have to do much to catch his attention.

Make eye contact with him and smile a little. He’ll see you as warm and friendly and approachable.

You also should look attractive; guys are after all physical creatures. However, in looking good, you don’t want to do all out with the heavy makeup, but a little cheek color and some light-colored gloss should do the trick.

You can also play up your “asset”. If you have a great-looking butt you should pick an outfit that accentuates this part of your physique – like a black spandex or something along that line.

3) Try to Place Yourself Within His Space

Again, the keyword here is subtlety. You want to be around him without appearing like you are stalking him -even if you are!

From your research in the first stage, you should already know his exercise routine. You want to also get interested in this routine.

In this wise, you would be an attractive woman who’s constantly in his face- in a non-intrusive way and he would likely notice you.

Now you are ready to take things up another notch.

4) Ask for His Help

You have to make this real. Don’t go the damsel in distress route and appear confused in a workout that’s pretty easy.

You want to make things appear real. Pick a piece of equipment that appears complicated, but one he has in his workout routine and ask for his help.

Your asking for his help will do two things:

  • One, it will stroke his ego. Men love to feel needed and that’s what you just did.
  • It will make him notice you on a whole new level. You have made contact, and are no longer complete strangers.

However, while this is a key stage, you want to keep the contact really simple. Unless he makes the move to take things to the next level – and this is possible if he’s also been checking you out- you should keep the conversation somewhat casual.

Keep your conversation centered around exercise, but give off a positive body language while at it. Smile and appear warm and once he’s done helping you out bid him a friendly farewell and get back to your workouts.

How to pick up a guy at the gym: ask for his help

5) Say Hi Everytime You Run Into Him

Now that you are buddies -or something along that line- you should say hi to him every time you run into each other and you will be doing a lot of that, seeing as you both work out within the same space.

Anytime you see him, say a friendly hi and spend a minute or two chatting casually. Do this for a few weeks until you both are really comfortable around each other.

How to pick up a guy at the gym

6) Check Him Out and Let Him “Catch” You Doing So

So…you guys are getting close, you haven’t quite conveyed your interest in him yet, at least not openly. Of course, by this time, you would have passed across the fact you are open to being approached and smiled across the room at him any chance you got.

However, if he still hasn’t got the message – and some guys can be clueless like that – you should try a semi-direct approach.

Stare at him from across your workout station and let him catch you doing so. Keep the eye contact a few seconds after he notices you before breaking contact.

How to pick
up a guy at the gym: flirt a little.

7) Make Your Move

At this point, he must be aware you are into him and if he absolutely isn’t interested, he would have passed this across to you.

If he hasn’t, make your move by asking him out to coffee or to hang out someplace fun.

Congratulations, girl! You have done it! You have taken charge of your life and gone after why you what.

If he into you, chances are he will accept your invite and you guys would be on to your first mini date!

8) Don’t Take Too Personal

Now, while we all want a fairytale ending, sometimes things don’t always go the way we want, and that guy just might turn you down.

If this happens, you shouldn’t feel bad, but should take a few things out of this experience:

  • You are a bold woman and men the world over respect bold women. Even if he doesn’t date you, he will respect you for having the guts to approach him.
  • You have shown you are a woman with gumption and you should be proud of yourself.
  • You’d have gotten it out of your system as you would have been pinning over a man who’s unavailable. Now you can move on to other things and hopefully meet a fall who will fawn over you.

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