How to Make Liquid Soap for Home or Industrial Use

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How to Make Liquid Soap for Home or Industrial Use

Would you like to learn how to make liquid soap for your personal use? Did you know that the liquid soap making process is quite easy , one you can master at your very first try?

Liquid soap is a must in every home, as no home can do without out. This soap comes in handy when you have to do the dishes, mop the floor or carry out other cleanings around the house.

You can readily get a bottle of this to buy at your local store. However, if you find you carry out a lot of house cleanings and would need a lot more liquid soap, then you should look into making some yourself.

The good thing about making liquid soap yourself is that you spend less (a whole lot less) and get double the usual quantity you would get at a store.

You can also determine what goes into your liquid soap so it comes out exactly as you’d want (more foamy or with more cleaning potency).

If you would like to make some liquid soap of your own, then this post is for you.

How to Make Liquid Soap : The Process

Ingredients for Your Liquid Soap

1.Sulfuric Acid – 50cl (This will serve as the forming agent)
2. Caustic Soda (Cleaning agent)
3. Sodium Chloride (Table salt)
4. Colourant (Water or oil type)
5. Perfume ( Any of your choice)
6. Water (3 liters)

Direction for Making Your Liquid Soap
1. Mix 50cl of the sulphuric acid and 50cl of water and set aside for 24 hours.

2. Mix 100 grams of caustic soda with 50cl water and also set aside for 24 hours.

3. By the next day, mix both solutions (the already dissolved caustic soda and sulphuric acid).

4. Next, add 2 liters of water and stir this mixture.

5. Add in a tablespoon of sodium chloride and also stir.

6. At this stage, you’ll be adding your colourant. If using the oil type, add two drops directly into the liquid soap mixture. If using the water type, dissolve a little in water before adding.

7. Add in 10ml of your perfume and also stir this in.

8. Keep mixing until it is well mixed. At this point, you should have a consistency that’s slightly thick. If too thick, add in a little water until you get the consistency you desire.

You should however be mindful of how much water you add so you don’t water down the soap potency.

9. Once done, set this mixture aside and let it sit for an hour or two.

10. Once done, your liquid soap is ready and you can bottle it for your personal use or gift some out to family and friends.

This soap is great as a dishwashing soak and can also be used on some clothes. However before using on clothes, check to ensure your fabric is one that requires very special care when handling.

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Liquid Soap for Industrial Use

If you would like to extend your liquid soap making abilities a little further, then you should read on so you also learn how to make this soap for industrial use.

Some of the ingredients to be used remain the same, although the quantity used changes. You would however be adding a few more to it.

Here are the Ingredients You’ll be Needing for Your Industrial Liquid Soap

1.Sulphuric Acid
2. Caustic Soda
3. Texapon (Texture or foaming agent)
4. Sodium Phosphate
5. Soda Ash
6. Sodium Chloride
7. Perfume
8. Preservative (Formaline)
9. Colourant
10. CMC – Antizol or Nitrozol (Your thickener)
11. Water

Industrial Liquid Soap Making Process

There are two ways of making your industrial liquid soap and whichever you chose to adopt will work just fine for you.

Procedure One

1. Dissolve caustic soda in water and set aside for 24 hours.

2. Mix sulphuric acid and texapon and also set aside for 24 hours.

3. Dissolve soda ash in water and set aside.

4. Mix items 1-3 together and stir.

5. At this point, your sodium phosphate goes in.

6. Next, add in your antizol (thickener) and stir the mixture thoroughly.

7. Add in 20 liters of water, stir and set aside for 45 minutes.

8. Next, add in your sodium chloride and preservatives.

9. Stir in your perfume and colourant.

10. Add in 10 liters of water, adding this gradually until you achieve the soap consistency you want.

11. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and then set aside for two hours.

12. Your industrial liquid soap is ready to be bottled.

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Procedure Two
*Same as with procedure one

1. Mix caustic soda, sulphuric acid, soda ash, and sodium phosphate in water.

2. Add in your nitrozol and texapon.

3. Add in a little water.

4. Next, stir in your preservatives and industrial salt until box ingredients blend in.

5. Add your colourant and perfume.

6. Stir the final mixture thoroughly and let it sit for 24 hours.

7. Your industrial liquid soap is ready to fetch you money!

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A Few Points to Note
1. The fragrance you go for determines the colour your liquid soap will take at the end:

– Banana fragrance gives a milk coloured liquid soap.
– Strawberry will produce a pink soap.
– Jasmin will gibe you orange.
– Lemon produces green, lemony, or light yellow soap.
– To get blue, use ambipur.

O2. Endeavour not to use too much colourant as too much of it reduces the potency of the foaming agent.

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