How to Make a Man Want You: 5 Powerful Techniques That Work

How to make a man want you

How to Make a Man Want You

Have you ever been in a situation where it seems like no one want to be with you and you wondered how to make a man want you? If that question has ever crossed your mind, then you are not alone as a few women the world over report having this problem where they just seem to experience a drought where men hitting on them is concerned.

I have a friend who, at 32, hadn’t been in a relationship. She was a great girl; intelligent, smart and very giving. She was also quite pretty, which made it more of a wonder that no man liked her enough to want to be with her (at least that’s how our mutual friends read the situation).

Girls we considered less pretty were getting snatched up from around us and this sort of got to her. It became all the more worse when news started filtering to her that she must be cursed and, tried as I did to convince her otherwise, this soon became her notion as she felt that was the only plausible reason for her predicament.

However, being her friend for over ten years, I knew her situation was more a physical than a spiritual one and tried to pass this across to her as best I could.

Like my friend, quite a number of women experience a similar problem. They have this great personality topped with an amazing career, but can’t seem to settle that vital problem in the life: the issue of of finding a guy they like who likes them back.

How to make a man want you
How to make a man want you

Why Guys Shy Away from You

The dating world is like a jungle where rules reign supreme and only the man (or woman in this case) who knows the rules of the game stands a chase of winning at it.

In the case of my friend, while she had a lot of qualities that would drive men crazy, she lacked one vital one that would signify she was ready to play the dating game; she presented and so appeared unavailable.

In the words of a mutual friend of ours, she had an aura that screamed “Don’t come near me!”

She always wore a stern (or at the very least, an unsmiling) look, had a few degrees (including a PhD), and a good job that paid her a lot of money.

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The fact she had money and an enviable career was intimidating enough for a few men, making her appear way out of their league, her very unapproachable body language just sealed this notion in.

Why Smiling is Important and Makes You More Attractive

According to Relationship therapist, Shadeen Francis,

“‚ĶSmiling is a universal signal for warmth, approachability, and attractiveness.”

Women who smile a lot are deemed not just more attractive by men, but also very approachable.

When you smile, especially at people who you want around you, you’re throwing your emotional gates open and signalling to them you are available and approachable.

Secondly, no one likes being rejected; all men are scared of rejection and while some have conquered this fear enough to approach any woman they like, a few would rather avoid a woman if it seems certain they will get rejected.

So, if this is your situation and you are wondering how you can make a man want you, here are some simple ways you can achieve this:

How to make a man want you
How to make a man want you

How to Make a Man Want You: 5 Techniques that Work

1.Smile or Laugh a Lot

Everyone gets drawn to that person who smiles a lot. Not only do they look more attractive, they also look happy and we all want happy people around us always.

You should cultivate the habit of smiling or laughing a lot as this will benefit you in a lot other ways in life.

2.Make Eye Contact

Try to catch his eyes a few times, not in a way that is uncomfortable, but in one that shows you are interest.

How to make a man want you

3.Flirt with Him

Flirting with him is definitely a clear sign you are interested and available and he can come to you if he wants.

If you’re wondering how best to flirt with him without coming across as obvious or totally smitten, here are some subtle ways to start with: send a caring text message, something that goes like this: “Just checking to see how you are.” or “I’m glad you were around today.”

Or you could smile and say ‘hi’, letting your gaze linger for a few seconds more whenever your paths cross.

4.Show Him You Care About His Wellbeing

Men are not like women and you could all but dance naked in front of him without him getting the slightest idea you’re interested.

You might have to up things a bit and become a little more obvious (not too much as to be seen as desperate, but enough so he gets the picture).

You could try in some subtle obvious ways like calling to ask how his day went, preparing his favourite meal and taking over to him, or assisting him out with a project you know he’s working on.

How to make a man want you
How to make a man want you

5.Show Him You’re a Great Catch

The last tip on how to make a man want you is showing him how great a catch you are.

Show him those qualities you have that make you a great person. If you are selfless and giving, then you should show this side of you more so he gets to see what an awesome person you are.

Men get drawn to beautiful, confident women with a great personality and this is what you want to present.

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