How to Make a Man Cry in Bed (19 Proven Techniques to Make Him Scream)

How to make a man cry in bed

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed (19 Techniques to Make Him Scream)

How to make a man cry in bed?

If this topic cracks you up, you are not alone. However, this doesn’t stop it from being a serious one; one most women would appreciate an answer to.

Sex is an integral part of any relationship and good sex will do a lot for you both including lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and give you better sleep.

Men rate good sex as very important and will go an extra length for it. If you would love to make your man cry (or scream) in bed, here are some proven and time-tested techniques handed down from time immemorial:

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How to make a man cry in bed
How to make a man cry in bed

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed (19 Techniques to Make Him Scream)

1) Build Expectations

Although you aren’t in bed yet, but you can build expectations beforehand by sending him a naughty text during the day. Your text should say explicitly what you plan on doing to him later in clear details

This will be enough to keep you in his mind all day and with men being experts at visualizing pictures, he will be more than eager to get started with you.

With sex being more of an activity of the mind, you would have set the right mood for making your man cry later on.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could also send some naughty pictures to up the scale. However, you should only send what you’re comfortable with; never feel pressured to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

2) Initiate Sex

Men love sex. A lot. This is why more cases of sex are initiated by them. In this case, you want to change things up by being the one to initiate sex this time.

This will make him feel desirable and wanted. So dial up your sexy in preparation to have your man scream

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3) Dress Sexy

Sexy can be anything so long as you are comfortable with it and your man finds it appealing. You should know what item of clothing will appeal a lot more to him.

Some men love some items of clothing on a woman, leaving their imagination to do the work, while others would love the skimpiest of lingerie on you. You know what works for you and what will get him in the mood.

4) Become a Bad Girl

They say men love good girls in the streets and bitches in the bedroom. If you’ve been a good girl in bed up to this time, now would be the time to shock the sock off your man.

Become a bad girl (if this is too extreme for you, then you want to settle for being a ‘good’ bad girl while you work your way to being the ultimate bad girl).

The beauty of this technique is that the switch in your personality will leave your man speechless for days on end and he will come to view you with a newfound awe.

How to make a man cry in bed
How to make a man cry in bed

5) Try Out His Favorite Position

Every man has that one sex position they prefer above all else. Research has found most men love the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl positions.

Some other positions, like the wheelbarrow, happy scissors, and butterfly might not be comfortable for you and you should avoid whatever makes you uncomfortable.

However, the goal is to make your man scream in bed, so you want to settle for a sex position you find sufficiently comfortable and also one that blows his mind.

Some sex positions like the corkscrew, doggy, face-off, and 69 will give him a stronger climax and you want to consider any of these.

6) Talk Dirty

Another thing men love i dirty talk from their woman. All that fear about him judging you and seeing you as easy because you talked dirty doesn’t hold.

Men love confident women and a confident woman who talks dirty in bed and takes charge of the situation will hold her man’s respect each time.

7) Find Out His Erogenous Zones

We all have them. To blow his mind you need to find his unique erogenous spots and focus on these.

For some men, it’s their nipples; teasing and trailing kisses on them can be enough to make him go wild. You could also focus on his ears, another sensitive spot, or his torso and balls.

Work a few of these zones at the same time and you will have him turn to jelly in your hands.

How to make a man cry in bed
How to make a man cry in bed

8) Tease Him

Tease him mercilessly as you play with these erogenous zones. Trail soft kisses from his torso and nipples all the way down to his belly button and then to his groin region.

Just when he believes you are about to work on his dick, pull up and start the teasing all over again, at least up until a point.

9) Turn Up (or Down) the Temperature

Switch down the temperature with some ice cubes. Have these melt in your mouth and then go down on him. You will have him screaming, or at the very least twitching in pleasure
from the temperature drop.

10) A Little Honey

Or you could try the honey treat. Smear some honey or chocolate all over him and eat him up!

You will have a more enjoyable time licking him up and he will also derive pleasure from watching you enjoy yourself.

11) Find Out If He Loves to be Dominated

If he’s into some BDSM, even the occasional one, then this would be a good time to incorporate it.

Again, you want to only go as far as you are comfortable with.

Let him know beforehand what you are willing to do and what you won’t accept. If it helps, have a safe word you both agree on so you both know when to pull back before things get out of hand.

How to make a man cry in bed
How to make a man cry in bed

12) Role Play

If BDSM isn’t your thing, then some light role-playing just might be enough to still get your excitement up and spice things up.

You could role-play with or without costumes, the idea is to have fun while at it.

13) Relive His Fantasy

We all have our fantasies and chances are he’s mentioned his a few times, even in passing.

Again, if this is something you are comfortable with, then now would be a good time to bring it to life.

14) Be Vocal

Be as vocal about your pleasure as you can. Men say this is a huge turn-on for them and it can also reassure him he is hitting the right spots.

Women who scream and or thrash about as they get their groove on can be a major ego boost for men.

15) Sex Toys Work Too

The right sex toys could also have your man screaming all through. You just need to know the right ones to invest in.

16) A Little Kegel During the Do

Kegels help firm up your pelvic floor muscles, which can make you tighter among other things.

However, did you know performing levels during the do itself intensifies the pleasure? When you do so, your muscles grip your man which can send him to the lala land of pleasure instantly.

You want to do this and combine it with varying your tempo as you ride him to leave him speechless.

How to make a man cry in bed
How to make a man cry in bed

17) Your Pleasure Matters Too

While the goal is to make your man cry and moan in bed, remember your pleasure matters too.

You should incorporate a few pleasurable acts for you then moan, gasp, and scream as your pleasure comes.

It might turn into a match of who’s screaming the loudest, however, later on, this will serve as a fond memory for you both as you relive the moment.

18) Touch Yourself

You understand your body and what makes it tick and you should exercise this knowledge. Touch yourself at spots that will make your toes curl.

You enjoying yourself will increase your man’s enjoyment. He might also be watching you to learn a thing or two about places you touch yourself so he learns how to better please you the next time.

19) Experiment

A little experimenting never hurt anyone. Sometimes, you might need to experiment; try this or that to find out what works or what your man loves.

How to make a man cry in bed
How to make a man cry in bed

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

If I learn how to make a man cry in bed with pleasure, will it make him love me more?

Sex and love are two entirely different things, although they can be intertwined.

While sex, especially good sex, can create a bond between two people, even deepen an existing one, it’s no guarantee a man will fall in love with you because he had great sex with you.

There are other ways to make a man fall in love with you and only by incorporating these techniques are you sure it will happen.

How to make your man addicted to you sexually.

Good sex, especially when it happens often, can and will make a man addicted to you.

Men love sex and because everyone wants a good thing, they will always seek out a place or person that gives them good sex.

Signs a man is sexually addicted to you
One of the major signs a man is sexually addicted to you is that he would make moves to be with you often.

People love to spend time with something they value and sex addiction is no different. When a man is sexually addicted to you, he will love having sex with you and try to get as much of you as he possibly can.

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex can become pretty boring and monotonous after a while unless you make a conscious effort to keep things spicy.

Having sex with the same partner week in, week out does that to your relationship. However, you can keep the fire burning in the bedroom and through very simple, proven techniques.

Here are some time-tested and trusted ways to achieve this:

  • Get educated about sex styles and positions that bring the most pleasure. Some sex positions will give you both maximum pleasure while requiring minimal effort from you both.
    Incorporate sex toys to switch things up. You want to find out which you both are most comfortable with and stick with these.
  • Change up the places you have sex often; from the bedroom to the living room, and even the kitchen.
  • Book a short stay in a hotel where you both go to dine and unwind.
  • Be daring and have sex in public (in the back seat of your car). However, you want to be careful to ensure there are no state laws against the places you choose.
  • Play a sex game where the winner calls the shots (within reason).
  • Have sex frequently; as often as is comfortable for you both.
  • Role play and bring each other’s fantasy to life.
  • Have a bucket list and tick items off it gradually.
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