Ladies Here’s How to Know if a Man Truly Loves You

Ladies Here’s How to Know if a Man Truly Loves You

How to know if a man truly loves you.

Most of us ladies get to that point in our love life where we wonder if the man in our lives truly loves us, like he says.

We doubt if this great guy we are so much into also feels the same way and if we should relax, enjoy the relationship or take a walk to protect our hearts.

So…… let’s talk about love today. Let’s find out those little ways you can find out if a man truly loves you and is not just faking it. Lol.

We all know there are guys who will fake it to achieve ‘it’ (just like there are women who do the same). However, since this post is for the women folks, let’s see some proven and passed-down-the-generation ways you can tell if that hunk you’re dying for is really head over heels for you like he says.

How to know if a man truly loves you
How to know if a man truly loves you

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How to Know If a Man Truly Loves You:Some Ways You Can Find Out

His Actions Say It

If a man really loves you, he won’t just say it, his actions will too. He will be ready to put you first or go that extra mile, just to see you happy.

Men will always be men and a man can tell you he loves you, severally, if he’s looking to get something from you, but if his actions and words don’t align then this is a red flag you should look into.

Your Gut Says So

Now, unless you want to be untrue to yourself, if a man doesn’t love you, you will know deep within you.

As women, we have that ‘thing’ (call it sixth sense if you must) that tells us when things aren’t quite right and it’s usually strongest in love relationships.

If a man is just stringing you along, you’ll know this deep down and can either choose to stay put, hoping the love develops or take a walk.

How to know if a man truly loves you
How to know if a man truly loves you

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He Treats You with Respect

This is just fact; if you love something, you value it and treat it with the utmost care and respect. The same applies in relationships. If your man loves you, the way he treats you will tell you. He does this because you are dear to him. He treats you like you matter; considers your feelings and consults you when taking decisions.

Do you know the best part; this respect carries and besides him treating you right his friends also will. They will also value and respect you because they know you are important to their guy.

He Wants to Commit to You

Maybe not immediately, but he definitely sees a future with you and would claim you; want to spend his life with you.

A man who says things like……

“Babe, if you meet another guy who is serious about you and wants to settle down with you, please do not push him away on my account.”


“Babe, I love you, but I’m just not ready for that big step right now.”

….. definitely doesn’t love you and doesn’t see you in his future. So you shouldn’t hold onto him.

Men are sure of these things and know if they want to spend the rest of their lives with a woman as early as six months after meeting her.

That being said, here are signs that don’t necessarily prove your man loves you:

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He Tells You He Loves You

Obviously! He’s not going to tell you he hates you because he knows that would be the fastest way out of your life and heart.

So if a man tells you he loves you, give it time, listen to your guts, and let his actions mark his words as true or wrong.

He Takes You to See His Friends and Family

In the words of a dear friend:

“A man will take you to see his mom, even let you meet his ancestors, if that will guarantee him access to the cookie.”

So, meeting his friends or family is not exactly a guarantee he truly loves you. However, the way they treat you and relate with you will reveal much.

If a man isn’t serious about you, his friends and especially his family would want to “waste” that time ggetting to know you. If they do, there’s something there and you should hold unto it.

So there you have it, ladies; proven ways to know you’ve finally met the right guy. These tips haven’t failed once and most definitely won’t start now.

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