How to Know a Man Having an Affair

How to Know a Man Having an Affair: 13 Signs That are Never Wrong

by Kamara
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How to Know a Man Having an Affair: 13 Signs That are Never Wrong

Every relationship has it’s hurdles, and for some women, they will find having to deal with a cheating partner is the obstacle they’re faced with.

Luckily, you will always know when all is not quite well in your love boat. Call it a gut feeling, but you can always tell when your partner’s attention starts to stray. However, if you’re still in doubt, here are thirteen signs that will confirm your man is unfaithful.

How to Know a Man Having an Affair
How to Know a Man Having an Affair

How to Know a Man Having an Affair: 13 Signs That are Never Wrong

1) He Suddenly Becomes Overly Protective of His Phone

Most of us are attached to our phones and find we feel empty when it’s not with us, however, if your man becomes super protective of his phone, choosing to lock it with a password and even take it with him to the bathroom, then you know all is not quite well, and he has a few things in there he doesn’t want you to see.

2) He Grants You Unfettered Access to His Account

This man is a pro in the game and knows becoming secretive and protective of his phone will make you suspicious, so he does the opposite and instead, grants you access to his phone and social media handles.

Of course, he has nothing to fear as he’d have deleted incriminating chats or stored them some place more hidden

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3) He Accuses You of Cheating

If your man suddenly starts accusing you of infidelity, chances are he’s doing the same and trying to deflect attention from this.

In such a situation, I would do the opposite of what he expects, which is to spend all the time trying to prove my innocence and instead look a lot closer into his life.

How to Know a Man Having an Affair
How to Know a Man Having an Affair

4) He Showers You with Affection

The guilt of his actions can make your man become a lot more affectionate and shower you with gifts.

While getting a gift from your partner is not suspicious in itself, being suddenly showered with them can be a red flag that needs looking into.

5) He Becomes More Conscious of His Appearance

Is he hitting the gym and obsessing over how he looks naked?

Your man could also be cheating if he suddenly becomes a lot more attentive of his appearance.

Being together a while can make you both become comfortable around each other, but if he’s suddenly particular about looking ‘sharp’, the way he was when you both first met, chances are he’s not doing this much prepping for you.

6) He Appears Distracted

Your man could also seem preoccupied and distracted because someone else is filling his thoughts.

He could also be spending a lot of time on his phone chatting and face timing and will have less time for you.

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7) He’s Spending a Lot

Your man suddenly spending a lot is also a likely sign he’s cheating. However, you may not be privy to this development unless you run a joint account and get alerts of debits.

On the other hand, you could start getting high credit card debits as he spends on his new love interest to keep the sparks burning.

8) He Picks Fights with You

Your man could suddenly start picking fights with you over every little thing. Little idiosyncrasies that used to be overlooked suddenly become glaring faults that grate on his nerves, and that’s because someone else is occupying that tender spot you once held.

9) He’s Friends Get ‘Chummier’ with You

This happens when your man’s friends are in on the affair and feel guilty.

They suddenly become a lot more friendly with you out of guilt or in the bid to shift your attention from the affair.

How to Know a Man Having an Affair
How to Know a Man Having an Affair

10) Sex Becomes Less Intimate

Your man could also become lesss intimate or passionate during sex. Chances are he’s having a steamy romp with the other woman and being with you out of a sense of duty.

11) He’s Spending More Time at Work.

He suddenly spends less time with you, and each time you probe announces he’s weighed down at work.

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12) He Accuses You of Being Crazy

If you go to him with your accusations, he gets angry and accuses you of being crazy or not trusting him.

While it’s possible for a man not cheating to act this way from the hurt of being accused wrongly, the guilty man will go overboard in trying to prove his innocence, so much so his infidelity becomes a glaring picture.

13) He Doesn’t Want You Doing Nice Things for Him

Out of guilt, a man cheating might stop you from doing those nice things you’ve always done for him. He knows his treatment of you is unfair, and your continued niceness to him is like a double stab wound, searing his conscience.

How to Know a Man Having an Affair

What to Do When You Find Out Your Man is Cheating

Being cheated on is painful, especially when you are emotionally invested in it.

Relationship experts put forward the following tips to help you heal from this pain:

1) Confront your man.

You should get enough evidence of his infidelity and confront him with it. Listen to what he has to say in his defense, as this will determine your next course of action.

2) Take a Step Back

There are serial cheaters, and then there are those whose cheating is a one-off thing. If your man falls into the latter group and cheated because couldn’t resist temptation, you should consider giving him and the relationship a second chance after you get through the pain.

3) Cry It Out

Your confidence has been betrayed in one of the worst ways possible. You should cry if you feel it coming.

Love experts actually recommend crying it out to ease the pain and feelings of betrayal you feel inside.

4) Look to Friends

You might need to turn to friends at this time if you find you are overwhelmed by it all.

Your friends will be there to help tide you through this difficult time.

5) Leave the Environment

If it helps, you should leave that environment for a while to breathe; somewhere he can’t find you.

6) Have a Sit-Down with Him

If, in the end, you decide to give the relationship another go, you should have a heart-to-heart with your man to discuss how his actions and betrayal of your trust hurt you as well as the way forward.

How to Know a Man Having an Affair
How to Know a Man Having an Affair

7) Ask for Time

You would need time to get to that point where you can trust your partner again. Ask that he be patient if you’re finding it hard letting go of the hurt.

Work with him and let him know the part he needs to play to help things along.

8) Get Professional Help

If, after it all you still find it hard forgetting, you both might need to seek out therapy to help walk you through this difficult time in your relationship.

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