How to have a good first date

How to Have a Good First Date?

by Kamara
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How to Have a Good First Date?

He’s asked you out on a date and now you are a in a fit of excitement and nerves. You want to have an exciting first date so you look for means and tips to make this happen. After all, if the first date is fun for you both, there will likely be a second.

How then can you ensure this happens? What are the tips to ensure your wish for an enjoyable first date comes to be?

How to have a good first date

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How to Have a Good First Date

1) Choose a Comfortable Location

How to have a good first date? Pick the right location.

If the location you pick is uncomfortable for either of you it would be hard to enjoy your date. So, first things first, you want to pick a comfortable venue.

However, comfortable here is subjective. You know what’s comfortable and likely to be fun for you, but how can you ascertain a location that will be fun for your date, especially if you are only just getting to know him?

To work around this, picking a spot that’s known to be a good date spot might work. You also want to go with both your personalities and pick a place you would both feel relaxed in.

If you are still in doubt, you could just ask him what his ideal date spot is and you both decide if this is a good fit for your date.

2) Dress Appropriately

You also can have a fun date by dressing appropriately for the occasion. Taking the time to wear the right outfit tells your partner you consider the date and the time spent together important.

Dressing up (if the occasion calls for it) might even add to the moment and deepen the excitement you feel.

3) Be Punctual

How to have a good first date? Be punctual.

While being late is fashionable (some women even pride themselves in being late to events), being punctual to your date creates a good impression and could heighten his impression of you.

4) Listen Attentively; Give Off the Right Body Language

Everyone loves talking about themselves. Research has found that talking about yourself is our favorite topic of conversation. However, too much of it might paint the wrong impression, making you come across as self-absorbed.

No matter how interesting we believe we are no one wants to sit through hours hearing you talk about yourself.

On the other hand, listening attentively to others talk is attractive and makes you come across as attractive. So while you talk about your likes, you also want to give room for your date to talk.

5) Be Confident

Another quality that is very attractive in both sexes is confidence. People love being around confident people and your date likely will too.

Being confident sends the message you value yourself and men love the challenge of trying to win over a confident woman.

6) Make a Solid First Impression

It takes a few minutes for someone to create a first impression of another. During the first minutes of your dates, you and your partner would be forming opinions of each other, ones that will stick and carry through.

You want to ensure your partner’s view of you is pleasant and solid during this time.

Besides being attentive, being positive, smiling, and treating the staff at the restaurant with kindness are a few other ways to make a good first impression.

7) Mirror Them

How to have a good first date? Mirror your partner.

Mirroring a person is easier when you feel some form of connection to them. However, doing so, even without the connection creates this connection.

Mirroring a person conveys a feeling of empathy and shows you understand and connect with the feelings of the person with whom you are conversing.

While this act is a strong connection builder, it can go wrong pretty quickly and is only effective when done naturally.

8) Focus More on Things You Both Have in Common

Obviously, you will have a few things in common which necessitated the date in the first place. You want to focus on these to have a great first date.

9) Keep Your Phone Away

For the few hours you are both going to be hanging out, you should keep your phone tucked somewhere far away.

Having your phone ring over and over comes across as rude and will paint you in a bad light.

You should settle whatever issues that might come up as best you can before stepping out for your date. This also includes scheduling out activities, especially on social media, if these would pose a problem later on.

6) Have Fun

How to have a good first date?

Focus on having fun. Invariably, this is all your first date should be about anyway. You are getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and the end goal of it should be to have fun.

The beautiful thing about having fun is that it shows and knowing you are having fun would be a boost to your partner’s ego, the same way it would with you and would make him more relaxed.

What Not to Do on a First Date

Still on how to have a good first date, a huge part of enjoying your first date is avoiding some date flops. So, while there are good tips to adopt, you also want to avoid those that can make it your date go sour.

Here are some ‘first dates don’t you want to avoid at all costs:

1) Don’t Overstress It

How to have a good first date? Don’t over-stress it.

Of course, you want to have the best time of your life and you also want your date to be impressed by you and have fun. However, stressing over the whole event will only make you anxious, which would show through on your date.

2) Don’t Talk About Your Ex

This should be written in caps to stress its importance. AVOID TALKING ABOUT YOUR EX, even in glowing terms.

Any conversation about your ex would paint a picture of a woman still stuck in the past. No one wants to start a potential relationship knowing they would be going up against the ghost of an ex.

Even if you have an axe to grind with an ex, a potential partner might not be the best person to discuss this with, and certainly not on a first date.

3) Don’t Stress Over Your Appearance

How to have a good first date? Don’t take your appearance too seriously. While it’s okay to retouch your looks, you too much of it could make you appear vain.

4) Don’t be Too Negative

How to have a good first date? Avoid negativity.

Negativity is off-putting and too much of it can be toxic. The funny thing is people interpret different things as being negative, however, ones that clearly fit this bill are complaining about personal problems, or putting people down.

5) Don’t Quiz Him

No one wants to be given the third degree, especially during an outing that should be fun and relaxing.

A first date is only the beginning of you both getting to know each other and questions or acts that feel like one is being quizzed would be enough to scare him off.

6) Don’t Give Unsolicited Advice

Unless he specifically requests it, don’t give unsolicited advice, even if you are an expert on the subject.

Your date might just be mentioning a situation for conversation’s sake and not because he needs advice.

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