How to get your toilet clean

How to Get Your Toilet Clean and Smelling Fresh Always

by Muobo
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How to Get Your Toilet Clean and Smelling Fresh Always

If you’re wondering how to get your toilet clean and smelling fresh always, then these three simple remedies will do it for you.

The toilet is an important part of the home and most of us want it be kept clean and smelling clean at all times.

If you find your toilet get dirty easily or the toilet bowls have those yellow or brown water marks that refuse to go off, no matter how hard you scrub at it, then here are three simple methods you should employ to get it clean once again:

How to get your toilet clean
How to get your toilet clean

Three Toilet Cleaning Methods to Get Your Toilet Cleaned Easily

All-Purpose Cleaning Bleach

If you have been washing with bleach without getting good results, you might have been going about it wrongly.

To get the best out of your bleach, flush the toilet and pour in a generous amount of bleach, making sure it’s poured on the stained parts. Let the bleach sit for an hour or two and then scrub hard at the stain using an old toothbrush.

Once done, wash as usual using your regular cleaner and then flush once again to get every dirt completely removed.

Bleach is quite an effective toilet cleaner that can get even the toughest stain completely off.

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The Vinegar Soak

Yet another effective toilet cleaner for getting rid of toilet stains is vinegar.

d using apple cider vinegar as this just ends up putting a different type of stain in the toilet bowl, defeating your initial purpose. Instead, opt for white distilled vinegar and set aside 2-3 cups of this.

Just as you would with your bleach, pour in your white vinegar into the toilet bowl, but this time, let this sit for much longer. Stick some toilet paper to the stained parts and leave for some hours or overnight.

Next, scrub at the stuck toilet paper, flush and then wash as usual.

A second method you can use is the vinegar and baking soda method. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil into a cup of white vinegar and pour this into your toilet bowl. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and will serve to kill the germs in your toilet bowl, while the vinegar cleans it.

Leave this remedy for 2-3 minutes, then pour in a cup of baking soda. Also leave this for the same duration and then pour in 1-2 cups of vinegar.

Next, scrub at the stains, wash and then flush.

How to get your toilet clean
How to get your toilet clean

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Grapefruit and Salt

This last method doesn’t just get your toilet cleaned, it also leaves it smelling fresh and this makes it one of my personal favourites. However, it requires you getting your hands all dirt, literarily.

To make this toilet cleaner, cut one grapefruit in half and dip in salt. Flush your toilet and scrub at the stained parts using your grapefruit and salt. The stain comes off after while and then you flush.

There you have it: three proven and sure-fire toilet cleaning methods to get your toilet cleaned once again.

Other Remedies You Can Use to Get Your Toilet Clean Again Include:

  • A borax and vinegar soak
  • Making use of hydrogen peroxide which will also disinfect the toilet bowl.

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