How to Get Your Picky Eater to Eat

by Muobo
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A mother with a picky eater on her hands knows the battles she faces daily getting her child to eat.

Any mother would worry about her child not eating. I know I used to get really anxious when my daughter displayed this habit. Initially,  I would try to force her to eat the food,  every bit of it,  and she would respond by throwing up every where,  including on me.

A picky eater not eating is usually a cause for concern and there are several reasons why your child suddenly stops eating, including health-related ones.

If you have a child that suddenly stops eating,  here are some possibly reasons you should suspect:

Top Reasons Why Your Child Suddenly Becomes a Picky Eater

1. Your child might be constipated, but unable to pass this across as she doesn’t quite understand what’s wrong with her, hence her suddenly becoming a fussy eater.

You’ll only notice there’ll be a slight drop in her appetite.

2. Your child might be coming down with a stomach bug,  hence her refusal to take anything into it.

3. Your child might be experiencing food sensitivity that makes her react to the component of certain foods.

4. Your child might have a swollen gum or oesophagus that makes eating or swallowing painful.

5. Your child might not like the particular food being prepared or the way it’s prepared. You might want to change things around a little and try a few methods to correct this.

6. Picky eaters do not reject all foods,  only a select few. So,  if your child is rejecting some select food but eating the rest, you should find out the ones they don’t like and why.

Some foods picky eaters don’t like include veggies,  especially if these are bitter,  onions, and milk. So foods that include any of these will generally be avoided.

7. Your child might have one or more underlying medical condition so which caused her to lose her appetite.

You should have him or her checked out and follow suit with the appropriate treatment if her refusal to eat stems from one of these.

On the other hand,  if your child is quite healthy but still displays poor eating habits.

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Here are Three Proven Ways to Get Your Picky Eater to Eat

1. Make Feeding Time a General Time

Make feeding time a general time for everyone. Most fussy eaters get tempted to eat if they see others eating too.

You might need to delay your own lunches a few times too,  especially at those times when they come back late from school.

2. Find Out What They Like and Include in Mealtime

Picky eaters have one or a few food they love,  even with their selective eating habits.

For my daughter,  it’s tea so I try to include this sometimes in her meal time.

I make a cup of slightly sweet tea and use this an enticement to get her to eat the rest of her solid meals.

3. Try a Reward/ Punishment System for Good/Bad Behavior

This method involves rewarding your child when they eat all that you put on their plate and mostly works on older children.

However,  a lot of parents shy away from using it as they believe it is encouraging bad behaviour and teaching the child he has a choice where eating is concerned.

While this might not be a preferred method,  it’s usually recommended if your child is not eating at all and is not getting the required nutrients.

However,  to balance things out,  you might want to adopt it occasionally and also employ its twin side,  the punishment method if they fail to eat all of their food.

Here are Some Food Picky Eaters Like

These are some of the food picky eaters love and you might want to include some of these in their diet

– chicken satay

– white pizza

– coconut waffles

– sweet potato fries

– cinnamon

– fruits like pineapple and cucumber

– orange juice

– celery

– veggies dumplings

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