How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Room

by Muobo
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My sister is a mom to two boys aged ten and seven and while they are adorable, they can be a mess and a pain in the derriere too. Lol.

Once I had them over for the holidays and I swear I lost 10 pounds shouting my head off and running after them to tidy up. They also were a sort of energizer for my two-year-old who saw littering the room as a fun game to be played ALWAYS.

I remember a time I had to get an item from the guest room which they were occupyig. I opened the door and literarily froze right there at the sight before me. It was like a bomb went off in there as the entire place was a mess of clothes, shoes, and toys hanging everywhere.

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I thought of stepping gingerly around the mess to get to what I wanted and coming back later to tidy up, then again, I thought better of it and decided on a different course of action.

I remembered a similar incident that happened at their home and how their mom handled it.

There mom came back, took a look at the room and the place was slick and span in under an hour.

How She Did It?
In her words:

“When you have boys, you have to become an army commandant in charge of recruits or you’re screwed.”

Here’s How She Gets Her Boys to Clean their Room or Do Other Needed

She threatens them. Although I know she would never carry through on these threats, the boys don’t know it and do as she bids.

2.She Takes Away Certain Privileges
She takes away cartoon time, playing in favourite places, or certain other privileges until they get the place tidied up.

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3.She Rewards Them
She rewards them when they take the initiative to clean the room and she says this seems to work a lot more for her younger son.

4.She Talks to Them
She talks to them, telling them why it is important and healthy to keep a clean room and she swears her older son is beginning to listen.

5.She Sets the Pace
She strives to always keep her space clean as she knows kids watch and learn from adults.

She makes statements like

“Look, mommy is cleaning and putting away her dirty shoes when she gets back from work.”

as she keeps her shoes away and she says this works, at least until they are over at my place.

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