soft boiled egg and hard boiled egg

How to Cook a Perfect Soft Boiled Egg and Hard Boiled Egg

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How to Cook a Perfect Soft Boiled Egg and Hard Boiled Egg

If you’ve ever wondered how to cook the perfect soft boiled egg and hard boiled egg, you are not alone. Getting these egg preferences just right takes a certain skill and expertise that can only be learnt and perfected over time.

We all have our preferences when it comes to how we want our eggs. For some, it is that firm white with the soft yolk, while for most others, a hard-boiled egg is the way to go.
Whatever your penchant, you can have the egg of your choice by following these simple steps:

How to Cook a Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

soft boiled egg and hard boiled egg
soft boiled egg

A perfect soft boiled egg is great to eat with toast, or as a salad dressing and takes a certain know-how before it comes out just right. It is cooked for five minutes or no longer than six minutes.

To cook, place some water in a pot and bring it to simmer, then reduce the heat and place your egg into the pot for five minutes. You might want to set a timer for this to ensure you do not exceed the six minutes maximum time. If you want more than one egg soft boiled at the same time, then add a few seconds to the timing.

The result you get is an egg with the white that hard and well cooked, while the inside will be soft, runny and custardy.

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How to Cook a Hard Boiled Egg

soft boiled egg and hard boiled egg
soft boiled egg and hard boiled egg

Cooking a hardboiled egg is much easier to achieve than a soft boiled one. Place your egg in a pot with just enough water and place it on high heat. Bring the water to a boil and then remove from heat. Let the egg sit in this boiling water for 12 minutes as this will ensure the eggs cook adequately within this time without cracking or turning rubbery.

Alternatively, you could bring some fresh water to boil on high heat, reduce the heat to medium intensity and cook the eggs in this for 12-14 minutes. Remove the eggs from the pot after this time and place in a bowl with cool water for five minutes. This will separate the shell from the egg white and make it easy to peel.

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Some Key Facts about Soft Boiled Egg and Hard Boiled Egg

Here are some extra nutritional and health facts about soft boiled egg and hard Boiled egg you should know

1.You can achieve that soft, runny yolk texture of soft boiled Egg by boiling the egg at 158°F, while hard boiled egg is boiled at 174°F.

2.Hard boiled egg is a rich source of protein which makes it a good option when you need a fast burst of energy.

3.Hard boiled eggs also contain a high source of vitamin A, which makes it great for healthy eyes.

4.It also contains vitamin D which gives you strong bones and teeth as this vitamin makes it easier for your body to absorb the calcium nutrient.

5.Unlike hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs are eaten straight from the shell. The top or cap of the egg is removed and the egg is eaten using a spoon.

6.A medium-sized soft boiled egg is low is calories as it contains 68 calories and 4.65 grams of fat as against a hard boiled egg which contains 77 calories and 5 grams of fat.

7.Soft boiled eggs have some rusks of being infected with bacteria like Salmonella, which usually requires a temperature of at least 75°C for a period to die

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