How to be a good girlfriend

How to be a Good Girlfriend | 7 Men List Qualities That Stand Out in a Woman

by Kamara

How to be a Good Girlfriend | Seven Men List Qualities That Stand Out in a Woman

How to be a good girlfriend? Seven men speak on what it takes to be a good girlfriend.

If you asked two men what qualities make their girlfriend great, each man would likely produce a list that’s as different from the other as possible.

Now, while every man has a set of unique qualities he would love to see in his woman, there are some qualities men agree make a woman a terrific girlfriend.

To hear from the horses’ mouths, Women All Around had a round-table discussion with seven different men of varying ages to find out what these qualities are, and here are our findings:

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How to be a good girlfriend
How to be a good girlfriend

7 Men Speak

” A woman stands out as good girlfriend material to me if she’s faithful (no cheating), truthful, doesn’t make unnecessary monetary demands, respects others, knows when and how to show gratitude, and takes care of her appearance.”

Ben (25)

” A good girlfriend is someone who’s independent-minded. Don’t ask for your wants, Ask for your needs and this should be in the form of support, and not seen as my responsibility.

  • She reassures; nothing calms a guy better than knowing you are faithful and true to me.
  • She’s respectful, not the strict kind… more like respecting my space, friends, parents, etc.
  • She has a relationship with God; a woman who is not close to God can never stay in a man’s mind long-term… I need to hear you speak about God.
  • She’s calm and a good listener. Men don’t want a woman who advises them all the time, just someone who can make them forget their worries using soothing words like:

You are smart.
I know you can get through this.
You are the strongest man I know.

Emma (28)

” My woman is bold, supportive, and not afraid to be herself. She’s driven, focused, and career-minded, but at the same time prioritizes our relationship.

She doesn’t sit around waiting for me to complete her. If anything, I sometimes feel she’ll do fine with or without me and this makes me value and cherish her all the more.”

Dwayne (28)

“My girlfriend is romantic, productive, has a knockout shape, and the dress sense to boot! That’s all I need from a woman to make her score good in my books.

Mathew (30)

” I like a girl who’s got her sht together, comes with very little to no baggage, knows how to hang with the guys, and doesn’t put up with my sht. She lets me know if I’ve got BS stuck right up in my arse and this is something that intrigues me in a lady.”

Quannell (33)

I like a woman who’s a lady in the streets, but a whore in the bedroom. I have such a huge appetite and don’t hide it and if she isn’t down with it, she should let me know early on.

I also love me a woman who’s sassy, supportive, and doesn’t cling! In essence, she should have her own life, but also be a major part of mine.”

Phillipe (35)

“A good girlfriend is classy in dressing, doesn’t nag, a good listener, gives me attention, and is very supportive, even when everyone is against me.

Andre (41)

How to be a good girlfriend
How to be a good girlfriend

7 Qualities of a Good Girlfriend Men Agree On

1) Supportive

Men agree a good girlfriend is supportive. Supportive here is subjective and depends on the man in question. If a woman can make a man feel she’s got his back always, no matter what, then she’s scored a good point in his books.

2) A Good Listener

Men also want a good listener; a woman who listens without necessarily dishing out advice, unless they specifically ask for it.

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3) Not Afraid to be Herself

A woman who isn’t afraid to be herself is also deemed attractive. Men love a woman who feels free to make her desires and needs known. They also love a woman who isn’t afraid to air her opinions, even if it conflicts with theirs.

To some men, a woman having a differing opinion could even be a good thing. However, what they might find off-putting is the way and manner in which she makes this difference known.

Some men will state, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that makes the difference.

4) Takes Pride in Her Appearance

Men also love babes; a woman who takes pride in her appearance and grooms herself to look good.

Making your appearance a priority also has to do with being feminine.

Men love a feminine woman, the same way women get drawn to strong, masculine men.

5) She’s Confident

Men love a woman who is confident and has it all put together. A woman who has learned to be comfortable in her own skin; who embraces her strengths and accepts her weakness, will always have an air of attractiveness to them.

6) She’s Personable

Men love a woman who smiles a lot and seems happy. It’s even better if he’s the source of that happiness as he’ll feel a lot happier for this.

7) Needing Him

Men love women who can make them feel like heroes. They love it when a woman can strike that perfect balance between being independent and needing them.

Every man has the innate desire to be his woman’s superhero and he’ll cherish you a lot more when he comes to feel that way with you.

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