Here’s What to Do If Your Smartphone Falls into Water

by Muobo
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Some months ago, I was cooking when a call came in on my phone. I picked and when it ended, dropped the phone on the chair beside me, then turned to pour water into a pot, leaving the drum of water open. As I turned to take a second cup of water, I saw my daughter dropping something into the drum. Suspiciously I peered in only to find my phone sinking fast.

My heart literarily stopped beating, and much as I love my daughter to bits, I wanted to strangle her at that point.

Instead though, I dived after the phone and reaching it before it hit the bottom and here’s what I did next:

Turned it Off
I know being wet, my circuit board was bound to get destroyed if it stayed on so turning it off was the first thing I did.

Next, I took out my sim cards and memory card and kept these somewhere for safety.

Thirdly, I Dried the Body of the Phone with a Piece of Cloth

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I needed to get the body cleaned for my next course of action and this I did using a clean piece of cloth lying around.

Finally, I proceedes to submerge the phone in a bag of rice.

I know you might be wondering why rice and not the sun, but that’s because rice drains water from the inside of a phone pretty fast, much faster than the sun would.

A good alternative to rice though is silica, those little paper bags that come in your shoe box. Just poured a lot of these into a bowl and submerge your phone in it.

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My phone was left in the rice bag overnight and when I brought it out it came on as usual bright and hasn’t given a single issue since.

So, if your phone also happens to fall into water, you can try this really simple, but pretty amazing hack to get it dried and working again. I know this will work for you too.

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