What to do if your smartphone falls in water

Here’s What to Do If Your Smartphone Falls in Water

by Muobo
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Here’s What to Do If Your Smartphone Falls in Water

For most people who have had the experience of their smartphone falling in water, the first thing thought that comes to mind is the fact the phone is ruined and they would need to either get it fixed or replaced. However, did you know that you can have your phone working perfectly without the need for a repair if it falls in water? Here’s what to do when your smartphone falls in water.

Some months ago, I was cooking when a call came in on my phone. I picked and when it ended, dropped the phone on the chair beside me, then turned to pour water into a pot, leaving the drum of water open. As I turned to take a second cup of water, I saw my then 18-minth old daughter dropping something into the drum. Suspiciously I peered in only to find my phone sinking down fast.

My heart literarily stopped beating, and much as I love my daughter to bits, I wanted to strangle her at that point.

Instead though, I reached fast for the phone, reaching it before it hit the bottom and quickly pulled it out of the drum. Of course, it had gone blank and this would ordinarily make me panic in a good day, but I didn’t. Here’s what I did instead:

What to do if your smartphone falls in water
What to do if your smartphone falls in water

What to Do If Your Smartphone Falls in Water

Get It Out of the Water

The first thing you should do if your smartphone falls in water is to get it out as quickly as possible as the longer it stays submerged, the more damaged it gets.

Turned it Off

I know being wet, my circuit board was bound to get destroyed if it stayed on any longer so turning it off was the first thing I did. If your phone was previously off, this would be a good thing, but you can double- check by tapping lightly on any button to be sure.

Dry the Body

Next, I dried the body using a paper towel or cloth to get the water off. I needed to get the body cleaned for my next course of action and this I did using a clean piece of cloth lying around.

Take Out Your Battery, Sim Card(s) and Anything Else

After drying the surface, I proceeded to take out my sim cards, battery and memory card and kept these somewhere for safety. Doing this also made me see the amount of water that had gotten into the phone.

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Put Phone into a Bag of Rice

Finally, I proceeded to submerge the phone in a bag of rice, deep inside the bag.

I know you might be wondering why rice and not the sun, but that’s because rice drains water from the inside of a phone pretty fast, much faster than the sun would.

A good alternative to rice though is silica, those little paper bags that come in your shoe box. Just poured a lot of these into a bowl and submerge your phone in it and it would do the job of drying out whatever water got in.

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My phone was left in the rice bag overnight and when I brought it out and turned it on it came on as usual, which was a huge relief. Of course, I gave it till the end of that day and then a week to see if it would malfunction, but it hasn’t given a single issue since.

So ladies if your phone also happens to fall into water, you can try this really simple, but pretty amazing phone hack to get it dried and working again in no time. I know this will work for you too.

What to do if your smartphone falls in water
What to do if your smartphone falls in water

Article Summary

In a few words, here’s what to do if your smartphone falls in water:

  • take it out as quickly as possible.
  • Turn it off or check to be sure it’s off (if it previously was).
  • Dry the surface using a paper towel or clean piece of cloth.
  • Open the phone and take out the battery (if it can be removed), sim cards and memory card.
  • Dry the inside as best you can.
  • Submerge inside a bag of rice or in a ziplock bag filled with silica.
  • Leave phone submerged for 24 hours or more.
  • Bring out and turn to see its working condition.
  • Charge to ascertain the phone is in perfect working condition.

What Not to Do If Your Phone Falls in Water

These don’t will save your circuit board and phone life:

  • Do not turn it on if it was previously switched off.
  • Do not turn it on immediately after drying the surface as water has likely gotten inside the phone and it would need quite some time to get completely dry.
  • Do not try to charge the phone immediately to see if it still functions.
  • Do not use a blow dryer to get it dry quickly as heat will likely damage the phone.

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