Here’s How to Achieve a Healthy Hair Growth Using Coffee Rinse

by Muobo
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Most of us enjoy a hot cup of coffee every now and then, and take it to relax or to feel energized. But did you know there are other uses of coffee besides drinking it?

One of them is a hair rinse to stop breakage.

You should know that healthy hair growth hinges on these two factors

  • Hair breakage control
  • Healthy hair growth

How a Coffee Rinse Stops Hair Breakage

There are a lot of hair rinses you can carry out to stop hair shedding, howedr, coffee seems to be one of the most effective as it acts pretty fast.

Coffee is so effective as It contains caffeine which blocks dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone responsible for hair loss, rendering it effective.

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How to Use a Coffee Rinse

  • Shampoo your hair as usual and towel dry it.
  • Next, brew a cup of coffee and let it cool sufficiently.
  • Pour this over your hair, placing a bowl in front of you to catch the coffee as it pours, then pour this over your hair again. Do this three to four times.
  • Let the coffee sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes , rinse off and then condition hair.

Other Benefits of Getting a Coffee Rinse

Besides being a very effective effective and quick remedy to stop hair shedding, a coffee rinse will also give you these added benefits:

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It Enhances Your Hair Texture
Carrying out a coffee hair rinse will give your hair that great look and texture that’s silky to the touch.

It Naturally Colours Your Hair
If you would want a darker coloured hair, then this hair rinse is just perfect as it will give your hair a naturally darker hue. It is a great alternative for women looking to manage and colour greying hair.

It is a Great Detangler
Coffee rinse also serves as a great detangler for that difficult-to-manage hair that tangles easily.

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