Happy Independence Day Nigeria + 15 Fun Facts About Nigeria You Should Know

by Muobo
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Today Nigeria makes her 58th Independence rule and we at Divasclan wish her a happy celebration an many more great years ahead as a nation.

Here are Some Fun Facts You Should Know About This Great Count Nigeria

1. Nigeria is known as the home of the largest twin births the world over.

2. It is the most populous country in Africa with over 250 ethnic groups.

3. Nigeria is home to the largest river in West Africa,  the Niger river.

4. There is a total of nine registered universities in Ogun state, making it the state with the highest number if universities.

5. Nigeria is also known to have Third Mainland bridge known to be the longest bridge in West Africa at 11.8km.

6. We are one of the largest producers and exporters of crude oil worldwide,  ranking number 12.

7. 7% of the total number of languages spoken around the world can be found in Nigeria.

8. The Indigobird,  a small reddish-brown bird,  is found nowhere else but Plateau, Jos, Nigeria.

9. There are over 500 indigenous languages spoken in Nigeria.

10. Nigeria is the 7th largest democracy in the world.

11. Sadly,  we have one of the lowest life expectancy worldwide at 52 years.

12. An estimated 70% of Nigerians are agriculturally minded and work in the agricultural sector.

13. Nigeria is home to the richest man in Africa,  Aliko Dangote,  estimated to be worth $12 billion.

14. We have 5 of the 10 richest pastors worldwide.

15. There are over 3 million Facebook users in Nigeria.

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