fighting over money

Fighting Over Money: 5 Ways Finance Can Ruin Your Relationship

by Muobo
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Fighting Over Money: 5 Ways Finance Can Ruin Your Relationship

If you find you are constantly fighting over money with your partner, then you might need to take a step back to review ways to shield your relationship from the terrible blows financial problems brings to relationships.

Every couple has that one thing that will always puts a dampener on their happiness. For a lot of these couples, it is finance; the lack of it or the lack of good money management skills.

Quite a number of relationships hit the rocks due to this and more seem to be going that route.

Finance is a key part of any relationship: it can strengthen the bond between two people or make it frayed.

A couple may start out nice and solid, then get hit by one or more money problems that see their bond getting weakened over time, until it can no longer hold.

fighting over money
fighting over money

These are some money problems you can expect to see in relationships:

1.Lack of Money
A lot of relationships break because the couples are constantly fighting over money. Money is very important and every relationship needs it to thrive.

In most relationships, especially marriage, the high soon wears off and you both settle to love as it really is. Life starts to happen and bills spring up everyday, screaming to be settled.

A lack of finance or inadequate finance at this time can put a lot of strain on your relationship, and when this goes on for an extended period, it can see the relationship start to deteriorate.

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2.Putting Money Ahead of Your Partner

Another money problem you should be on the lookout for is one where you spend all of your time chasing money at the expense of your partner’s happiness. Doing this can make them lonely and lead to a crack in your relationship.

 3.Being Too Extravagant
Extravagance drives couples apart. When one partner is extravagant, it can be nerve-racking and put a strain on the relationship.

Soon, they either spend through their finances and need yours or worse, rope you into their kind of irrational spending lifestyle.

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4.Being a Spendthrift
This is the flip side of being extravagant. While being with someone who goes on a spending spree is draining, being with someone who is miserly is frustrating as most are miserly to the point of being stingy to themselves.

Even while it look bad to those on the outside, a lot of people who are miserly actually view their actions as the right way to control excessive spending. However, this affects your relationship in that your partner can start to feel unappreciated, resentful even at this habit of hoarding money and a relationship built on resentment is heading for the rocks fast.

fighting over money
fighting over money

5.Being Insecure about Your Earnings
A lot of people are of the opinion that couples in a relationship should be open about what they earn. However, when one person earns far more and the other can’t handle this, it could spell doom for the relationship.

This mostly happens when a woman earns significantly more than the man and he gets insecure about it. He can act out his insecurities in ways detrimental to the success of the relationship.

Simple Ways to Manage Money Problems in a Relationship

If you find you are always fighting over money in your relationship, here are some simple ways you can manage this problem:

1.Understand that money is key to a relationship and, contrary to the widely held notion of money not being everything, it is important to your sustained happiness as a couple.

2.Learn to create time for your partner. There should be a time and a place for everyone and everything. While working to have a better, more comfortable life is great, even admirable, you should understand that relationships are a lot more important and learn to give your partner the love and time they need.

3.If you find you have a tendency to overspend, you might want to look into working with a budget. A budget helps control your spending and it will help you spend on what’s important to control your excesses.

4.You should learn to loosen up a little of you are a spendthrift. Understand that life is a lot more easy and there are lots of pleasures around us.

5.You should live responsibly, yes, but also learn to enjoy the moments as they come or they will pass you by.

6.If your partner is insecure about their earnings you should seek out ways to help them overcome this.
Insecurities most times stem from past unpleasant experiences of people who tried to shame others of their perceived inadequacies. Your partner may have been made to feel inadequate about his earnings in the past.

7.Learn to walk through this with them by keeping an open line of communication. Also appreciate them for the little or much they can do; create an atmosphere where they feel comfortable about their earnings and with time, the feeling of insecurity will gradually start to fade away.

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