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5 Unwritten Female Toilet Etiquettes Every Female Should Follow

Female toilet etiqquettes may be unwritten, but they guard the proper social interaction between women when they find themselves within the confines of the washroom.

Like most things in life, there are rules and female restrooms are no exception. There is a standard mode of conduct every woman should abide by, even if these are unwritten.

Like the bro code, these toilet etiquettes are actually not official, but are believed to be the proper way of getting things done and should never be broken.

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Here are nine of such female toilet etiquettes every woman should know and follow.

female toilet etiquettes
female toilet etiquettes

Nine Female Toilet Etiquettes for Women

1.Nothing that happens in the ladies room should be repeated outside.

Whatever goes on in the ladies room, remains in the ladies room. No secrets, said either when sober or a little under the influence should be repeated outside the walls of the office.

2.People doing their makeup must not be met with any weird looks.

Even if you don’t like their taste in makeup. Give a polite nod and go about your business or makeup reapplication. You should also let them know of any kind of wardrobe malfunction. It is your unspoken duty to ensure the girl next to you leaves the washroom looking like a million bucks.

3.When a pregnant woman enters the ladies’ room any existing queue become null and void. The first person on the queue has to give up her turn.

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No matter how pressed you are a pregnant woman’s needs triumph yours. Whatever queue existed before her arrival instantly becomes null and void. The first person on the queue has to give up her turn. This rule also applies to senior citizens who come into the restroom.

4.If someone asks for a pad or a tampon and you have one, give it out, no question asked.

Let them have one, even if its the last one on you. You also shouldn’t hold back about asking when you need one and hopefully, the lady asked will be gracious enough to give you one.

5.Every woman has a right to her vanity bag and it’s your duty not to charge her.

Ever woman’s choice in makeup is solely her business and no one should judge her for it.

female toilet etiquettes
female toilet etiquettes

6.Tell the next woman if there is no toilet paper or if the flush is broken, even if you don’t know her.

Do not wait for her to find out on her own. If the toilet paper is finished, then you should let her know. You should also inform her if the flush is broken.

7.Eye contact at the mirror by the washbasins is inevitable.

Eye contact is immediately followed by a smile. Be the first to give one or return one if you get it first. Any other reaction is seen as rude.

8.Don’t talk to strangers, unless they signify they wouldn’t mind.

Chances are they are there for some quiet time and reflection. Do not talk to them unless they absolutely let on they wouldn’t mind. They likely don’t want to talk to you. Give a polite nod and move on with your business, which they would expect in the first place.

9.Never Leave Blood Stains on the Toilet Seat or in the Bowl

Mistakes happen and no one would intentionally leave spilled blood on the toilet bowl. To guard against this, take a last look everywhere and this includes the floor to ensure no stain is left behind. Give the toilet bowl a last wipe if needed to ensure everywhere is completely free of blood stains.

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