Female pattern baldness

Female Pattern Baldness (Alopecia) and Some Quick Remedies to Fix It

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Female Pattern Baldness (Alopecia) and Some Quick Remedies to Fix It

Every woman will lose around 50 – 100 strands of hair daily, but when this figure is way more and occurs at a fixed part of your scalp, you are likely suffering from female pattern baldness also called androgenetic alopecia.

Hair thinning or loss is an occurrence that happens to both genders. However, while it is more common in men, it is much more demoralising when it happens to women as the hair is seen as a her glory.

Unlike with male pattern baldness, women who suffer from alopecia will notice they don’t experience the receding hairline typical with male baldness, but will have a gradual thinning of hair at a certain part or all over their hair.

The way it starts, it takes a bit longer for new hair to grow back making your scalp of hair appear scanty.

Female pattern baldness or hair loss affects over 40% of hair loss sufferers and most women (over 60%) will experience it before they get to age 60. Women with a high risk factor (women that have one or more close family member with alopecia) are likely to develop this hair loss once they approach menopause.

Female pattern baldness
Female pattern baldness

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What Causes Female Pattern Baldness (Alopecia)?

Quite a number of factors could make a woman start experiencing alopecia and these include:

1.Physical Stress

Any kind of physical stress causes some minor to major damage in the body, especially if it is prolonged. One of such damages is the temporary loss of hair known as telogen effluvium.

This stress causes some major shock to your hair cycle, causing it to fall off before it should.

2.Too Much Vitamin A

While vitamin A is important for good eyesight, a good immune system, and as protection from certain cancer types, take in too much and it will have the negative effect of thinning your hair.

However, the good news is that this effect is temporary and will reverse itself when you stop the excess vitamin A intake.

3.Not Taking Enough Protein

Your body needs protein to function optimally. This class of food is also vital for healthy hair growth.

However, take in an insufficient dose and your system rations the one it gets. One of the ways it does this to to stop the natural flow of protein to your hair follicles, making it brittle and prone to thinning and breakage.


Drugs used during chemotherapy cause severe hair loss among other such severe side effects.

However, hair usually grows back gradually and completely once the treatment is stopped or completed.

5.Pregnancy-Related Hair Loss

During pregnancy, women have a surge in hormones that rage within. While these hormones are likely to make them feel sick, especially during the first three months, they also protect the hair and keep these strands from shedding.

Sadly, some women go on to lose this hair within one to six months after delivering as these hormones go back to normal and the hair cycle also returns to it’s original state.

This hair loss stage is usually temporary though and stops within six months of starting.

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For quite a number of women thinning hair or loss occurs because this condition runs in the family.

This is termed male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss in women and usually begins at a certain age range.

For men, the baldness starts with the hairline receding while in women, it begins with light to noticeable thinning patches around the scalp.

Another difference between male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss is that while the former can and does respond to treatment, it can’t be reversed or stopped and hair thinning usually follow through until baldness is reached.

7.The Use of Certain Medications

Certain medications like blood thinners, blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, psoriasis treatment and some antifungal treatments (ketoconazole) have also been known to bring about cases of female pattern baldness. However, the good news is that in most of these cases, the baldness usually reverses itself once the medication is stopped.

8.Lifestyle Habits

Certain lifestyle habits like smoking or excessive drinking can cause alopecia as these have been linked to how your system us able to absorb essential nutrients needed for proper hair growth.

Female pattern baldness
Female pattern baldness

Top Treatment for Female Pattern Baldness

For women however, the hair loss can be treated and in most cases reversed using top hair growth treatments.

Some of such treatments includes:

1.A Change of Hairstyle

This is a very temporary solution and only serves to mask the problem. However, this is usually the first option a lot of women diagnosed with female pattern baldness opt for while they work on a more permanent solution.


Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medication used in the treatment of baldness. However, while very effective, it usually takes a while (6 – 12) months before the effects can be seen.

3.Iron Supplements

If your hair loss is caused by an iron deficiency, then upon diagnosis your doctor would usually prescribe iron supplements to be taken.

4.Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a more permanent solution to female pattern baldness where hair is removed from one part of your body and transplanted into another.

Other drugs or medications used in the treatment of female pattern baldness include androgen receptor–blocking drugs like spironolactone (which regulates androgen production) and supplements like folic acid, omega-3 fatty acid, omega-5 fatty acid, and biotin.

Female pattern baldness
Female pattern baldness

Home Remedies to Treat Female Pattern Baldness

If you would rather go for more natural remedies to manage the situation, then here are a few you should look into:

1.Carry Out a Protein Treatment

Since your hair follicles is made of protein called keratin, you can strengthen each strand by giving it some of this.

A protein treatment is one of the best ways to achieve this and while there are a few really effective store-bought protein treatments out there, if you’d like to make one of your own, then here are a few ingredients you can use:

Ingredients for Your Protein Treatment

  • Egg white
  • Natural aloe vera gel
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado or Banana

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and set aside. Next, wash and towel dry your hair, then using a tail comb, section hair and apply this treatment to your scalp and hair root.

Cover hair with a shower cap and leave for twenty minutes. Wash off with shampoo and condition hair.

A protein treatment should be done once a month and no more as too much protein will actually stiffen your hair strands and lead to more breakage.

2.Carry Out a Daily Massage

A hair massage gets blood flowing to your scalp and hair follicles, which invariably means more nutrients get transported.

A research also found that carry out a daily scalp massage for 4-5 minutes, thickens your hair in as short as 6-8 months.

3.Carry Out a Hot Oil Treatment

A hot oil treatment is also an effective remedy for reversing female pattern baldness. Some good oils you can use are coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, pumpkin seed oil and avocado oil.

Some benefits of a hot oil treatment include keeping your hair moisturized (as dryness promotes hair breakage and thinning), thickening your hair, reducing split ends and frizzled ends.

Mix any two or three oils of your choice in a bowl and microwave for 10 sections so it heats up slightly.

Next, wash, towel dry and section hair then apply this treatment to your scalp and hair follicles.

Keep hair covered with a shower cap and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing off.

Some other home remedies for managing female pattern baldness include keeping your hair in protective hairstyles at night (braided), not wearing very tight hairstyles that pull strongly at your hair stands, going for regular hair trims, limiting the use of too much heat or chemicals, eating a protein-rich diet, and taking lots of water.

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