Facebook Cash | Here’s How You Can Make Money on Facebook with Ease

by Muobo
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So, I joined steemit (a social networking site for writers) in November of 2017, but didn’t become active until February of this year. One of the things that ‘bought’ meo got me hooked to the site was the fact that I could make money there, unlike other social media platforms.

I have been on a few of these others for over a decade and didn’t make a dime, well…until recently, that is, she I discovered you could also make money on Facebook.

I always thought Facebook was a platform to update your status and portray a life of affluence, even if things weren’t exactly that way in reality (hahaha), until I stumbled upon a post several weeks back detailing how you can make money online using Facebook.

How to Make Money on Facebook with Ease

So, upon discovering this means of making money on Facebook, I have been making money promoting my offline business (of ready-to-wear dresses for little girls) and you can too.

Here’s how I go about it:

Create a Facebook Page

In my case, I didn’t need to create one from the scratch as I already had a Facebook page that had been inactive. What I did was make it active again by resuming posting on it and also running regular giveaways.

Once I built the page likes and follows to a point, I started posting pics of my baby dresses with the prize tag and contact details. Then I moved on to the next stage

Make Use of Facebook Ads

So, I had the goods up and ready to be bought, but I needed the traffic. I needed a lot of people to see what I had on offer before I could even think of making a sale.

So I turned to Facebook ads. The good thing with the Facebook ad platform is that you can fix a custom price and also select a target audience, all of which I did.

Also Make Use of Free Advert Channels

I knew I wanted a lot of orders coming in and so I sought more ways to get this.

Each time I made a post of products on sale, I would share the link to my profile page and also to as many Facebook groups that allow it.

There are tons of such groups out there and you can search out and join those related to the goods and service you have to offer.

Set Channels in Place to Deliver Your Goods When the Orders Come In

The orders started coming in, in trickles at first and then at a faster pace when I increased my advertising on Facebook.

Also, since I got a lot of orders from outside the state I reside, I had to look into medium to get orders delivered. I employed the services of a trusted courier service and everything has been peachy since then

Use Feedback to Build Your Brand and Business

As you sell, expect to get feedback from buyers, some good and some, not so good.

Whatever negative feedback you get shouldn’t weight you down, but should be put to good use to improve your business.

Rinse and Repeat Steps Two to Five

While you will get repeat customers, especially if your goods or services are top-notch, you will need to repeat steps 2-5 often to get new customers through the doors of your business and hopefully, these guys get to become loyal, repeat customers.

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