11 Lies Men Tell Just to Sleep with You

lies men tell

Ladies, Here are Eleven Lies Men Tell Just to Sleep with You

Men will be men and from time immemorial, experience has taught us women that if a man wants something; really wants it bad enough, he will climb the mountains and cross the seas to get it (okay, this is exaggerating a little, but you get the picture).

It’s no news most men love sex and that some wouldn’t mind going as far as throwing their grandma under a bus to get some (sorry, grandma). If a guy really wants to sleep with a lady and she doesn’t seem to want to play ball, it is not above him to come up with some “untruths” just to get what he wants.

Men have been known to lie without apology just to get sex and this game isn’t about to change anytime soon.

Lies men tell just to sleep with you

Here are some famous lies men tell just to get the cookie

1) I Would Love to Meet Your Family

This is lie numero uno. He will make you believe he wants to meet your family, knowing us women value emotional intimacy. He knows if he can get an emotional connection going, he’s likely to get on your soft side.

2) I Am Not Seeing Any One Right Now

Are they ever? Even a guy who’s about to walk down the aisle in a few days will swear about his singleness. Men will announce their single status in a room that has just one pretty girl as they feel they never know if mother luck will shine their way.

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3) I Just Want to Cuddle

Believe this at your own risk! Over half the times, men never wants to cuddle. He says this only because he knows we love cuddling and you’re likely to let things go further if he shows you all he cares about is holding you.

4) I Have Never Met a Woman Like You

This right here is a dicey one, he could be telling the truth and you have likely swept him off his feet or he could be lying just to get some. This is where that gut feeling (that’s never wrong, by the way) should kick in to decipher if Romeo is real or just trying to be real. Men who are always quick to shower compliments always, always have an ulterior motive.

5) She Makes Me Unhappy

This is the national anthem of philandering married men. Most men know you might not want to get into an intimate relationship with them knowing they are married and so they will play the emotional card and try to win your sympathy.

He paints a picture of a Dracula spouse who has all but made his life a living misery. Ask him why he’s still with her and he tells you they are getting divorced in… (insert time frame here). Oh and by the way, the divorce never happens.

lies men tell
Lies men tell to get some

More Lies Men Tell…

6) We Are Living Together for the Kids, But Not Having Sex

Yea, and my grandma is a virgin! If he’s still shacking up with his wife, chances are they still spend a lot of busy moments together and you are just the gullible side chick.

7) I’m Rich A.F

Yea, somehow men just believe this should be a golden key that opens every door.

8) I’m Single ( When He’s Very Much Married)

I remember eight years ago, a girlfriend of mine who was seeing a guy; turned out she could’t call or visit him as dude claimed he didn’t stay in the same state. He also hated phones as they are such a huge distractions (insert chuckle here). Of course, all signs pointed to the fact he was married, but dude swore to the high heavens he wasn’t until he got busted.

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9) I Love You

This is a classic, but surprisingly, it still works. It is not above some men to swear undying love for you just to get some. He’ll be patient and get to know your personality, before playing this card from an angle he knows will get you.

10) I Want You to Meet My Family

In ancient (and not-so-ancient) times, men shied away from taking a woman to meet their family if they weren’t sure where the relationship was headed. Now, a man will take you to meet his family and even his ancestors just to get you comfortable enough to let him into that personal space.

Not saying this is how it goes always, just a little heads up from a few women who have fallen victims of this “scam”.

11) If I Don’t Get Some, It Could Get Rusty – Says My Doc

This is one of the most famous lies men tell and it’s amazing the men who do this actually expect this line would work.

No one knows for a fact what the men who use this particular line have going through their minds at the time, but we suspect desperation to get some might be responsible for making a man resort to this less-than-likely to work method.

A man tried this line with me one time and just the picture of my mouth hanging open as I stared at him in stupefaction was enough to elicit a chuckle from him and make him know his game had been busted.

While these are some of the most famous lies men tell to get some, it doesn’t in anyway mean every man is out for just sex or that every word that comes out of their mouth is laced with trickery and should be taken apart to find the real motives.

These are just the bad and the ugly sides to every sexual relationships, but like most things in life, there will also be the food sides and we just have to take our time and look closely to find them.

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