Bloodshot (A Short Story) Part 9

by Muobo
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“Here we are”, Allen announced as he pulled up in front of her building. This was the fifth day they started the painting project and it had become a ritual for him to drop her off at the end of the day. She would take a cab or public transportation to his place and he would drive her home.

Babine picked her bag from the chair, slinging it across her shoulders. “Thanks. Allen, you are a life saver. Today’s traffic would have been……”

She was cut short as Allen swiftly reached across and pulled her to him. Everything happened so fast and her first reaction was shock as he brought his lips down on hers. He was kissing her, his hands on her waist as he held her to him.

Her senses reeled at the contact, but beyond that she felt a sensation begin and run through her spine. She gave in to the desire she had felt burning within her the entire week and kissed him back, matching him passion for passion, clinging to me like he a was a lifeline to a drowning soul.

He broke away a while later and she slowly opened her eyes, coming down from the peak of ecstasy she’d been on to see the look of shock and incredulity on his face, one she was sure matched hers.

“What was…….?”

“My God! I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”

Babine sat, still stunned. Her legs had tuned to jelly and she wasn’t sure she could move. The kiss had been so unexpected; so sudden but it seemed to be having the same profound effect on him it’d had on her.

Her emotions were scattered, but chief among them was the desire that still raged within her. She had never felt so alive; so filled like when he was kissing her. But she also felt shy and couldn’t quite meet his eyes. “I—I should go”, she turned, reaching for the door knob when his hand reached out to stall her.

“Babine, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or cross a line with you.”

“No, you didn’t”, she replied, turning away from the door but still not meeting his eyes. “What happened was so unexpected and I’m sure we both didn’t have time to think.”

Allen was silent for a while, then said, “This wasn’t sudden for me. I’ve been wanting to do that all week.”

Now she turned to meet his eyes, hers filled with confusion and heightened shock at what he just blurted.

Allen ran his hand over his face in frustration. “Crap! I shouldn’t have said that. That was the wrong thing to say. Look, what I meant…..”

“Its alright”, Babine cut softly, placing her hand lightly on his upper arm to still the explanation. She was confused herself, but they didn’t need to prolong a situation that was getting more awkward by the second. “Its one of those things that just happen. Let’s just forget it. I’ll see you tomorrow, same time and we can continue with the project.”

She was out of the car so fast after that before he could see she was still shaking and that the words she’d just spoken didn’t hold true for her.

Allen watched her get into her compound, his confusion lifting slightly. What just happened? He was usually a man with more self control and restraint than that. He’d thrown himself at the poor lady and probably frightened half her wit away. No wonder she couldn’t wait to fly out of the car.

But had his affection been unwanted? She had kissed him back and with such vigour to match his. He had felt her shock though, but she hadn’t slapped him like he deserved, thank God for that.

With his mind still in a haze and his thoughts still jumbled, Allen pulled out into the curb and drove off.

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