Bloodshot (A Short Story) Part 6

by Muobo
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“Nude! Really? Are you insane!” Babine sputtered angrily at her friend.

“Oh, give it a rest”, Simone said dismissively then smiled. “You were letting business slip by you so I had to slip in. Besides, what are you tapping about? The guy is hot. What better way to get a guy to drop his pants than under the guise of work and you’d be making good money from it as well. And don’t tell me you aren’t dying to see him in his natural glory. You like the guy”.

“I do not!” Babine replied hotly, and Simone rolled her eyes.

“You were blushing all through and ready to jump his bones all through the conversation. I didn’t know who was sweating more between the two of you. It was obvious you both needed a room- and fast too.”

Babine shook her head. “You’ve always had an active imagination and this is one of those times when it has run away with you. You are seeing things that don’t exists. Anyways, about that nude thing, you know that was a one time thing and I regretted it when he tried to get in my pants against my consent.”

“That guy was a cow”, Simone replied coolly. “And we shouldn’t let one guy’s stupidity make us close an avenue that is likely to fetch us good money.”

Babine remembered the incident like it was yesterday, although it had been four years already. The client, friend, had commissioned her to do a nude of him and against her better judgment she had agreed. Halfway through he had though it fitting to proposition her for sex and when she had refused, had gotten violent and tried to force his way. And but for her training on self defense he would have succeeded. She had given him a good punch in the groin and watched him go down in pain, then added a kick just for good measures before fleeing the scene, her easel and paints forgotten.

She had sworn off nudes from that day and stuck by it. Simone knew the story, so why play with fire.

“Good money or not, I’m off nudes”, she replied and Simone sighed.

“I know the dangers of such a proposition, but this guy seems different”, she replied. “He looks like someone who has more than a hot pant for you.”

“Like I said earlier, you are seeing things. This guy has absolutely no feelings for me. Besides he has a girlfriend, remember?”

Simone sighed and slowly shook her head. “Girl, I l have mad love for you, but sometimes you can be so naïve and obtuse, not forgetting blind. A guy comes all the way to get a painting done for a ‘friend’ when he could easily purchase a birthday gift from the nearest store and you can’t piece the puzzle together.”

“I knew you were eavesdropping!” Babine accused, her suspicions getting confirmed.

“Yea, I was eavesdropping. Sue me”, Simone replied flippantly. “Anyways, he likes you. If you can’t see it I can and I have.”

Babine shook her head, dismissing that thought. “You are insane, not forgetting a hopeless romantic. You would see sparks and a ranging fire even between two enemies. Like I said, I don’t like Allen and he doesn’t like me. And if by some impossible stroke of faith he did, let’s not forget his girlfriend. Or are you suggesting I snatch him?”

“Who said anything about boyfriend snatching? Its called going with the flow. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they both go with the flow.”

Babine shook her head, smiling inspite of herself. “I have work to do”, she said, turning to leave. “I’ll leave you to the scenes of love playing in your head.”

“Believe that if it makes you sleep better”, Simone called after her. “But you and I both know the truth. Ten years of friendship has made me know you more than you think.”

“Not this time, girl”, Babine replied, trying to quell the slight doubt that threatened to rise within.

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