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6 Best Passive Income Ideas Every Woman Should Try Out

by Muobo
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6 BestPassive Income Ideas Every Woman Should Try Out

I love learning or writing about the best passive income ideas to try out. I mean, not many things will put that joy in your heart and that huge grin on your face as you get that alert each month from actions you took several months (even a few years) ago.

I started setting passive income streams in place as far back as four years ago and till date, while I have stopped ‘servicing’ these streams regularly, they still bring me a steady inflow of cash each month.

What Passive Income Ideas Are

For those new to this world, passive income ideas or streams are sort of like an investment. You set these streams up once and keep earning from them for several years, even when you do nothing to maintain them.

You should know though, that the beginning is usually tough and setting up these streams can take a lot from you in time or in cash.

However, a lot of of people do not mind the initial tasking effort as once these passive income ideas are set up, they become a sort of money making machine for life.

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Benefits of Setting Up Passive Income Streams

Besides the obvious benefit of having a steady inflow of cash, other benefits you’ll get setting up one or more passive income ideas include:

1.Being able to afford and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

2.Being able to pursue other interests.

3.Having the finance to invest in other streams: passive or active.

4.Never having to worry about money

5.Never having the ill health that comes with constant worry and anxiety.

Best Passive income ideas
Best Passive income ideas

Common Passive Income Ideas Available

There are quite a few of these passive income streams, all proven to bring income weekly or monthly. Popular ones you can take advantage of include

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing (with or without a blog)
  • EBook Writing
  • Building Apps
  • Developing WordPress Themes for Sale
  • Writing for Revenue-sharing sites
  • Designing T-shirts/Mugs/Umbrellas on sites like Teespring and Mercy by Amazon
  • Setting Up a YouTube Channel

However, while these passive income ideas can and will bring you steady cash, they are sort of saturated and you will struggle to have and keep your share of the market

There are however, a few other passive income streams that aren’t so populated and will bring you the same (or even more) cash when you set them up.

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Untapped Passive Income Ideas to Try Out

I recently discovered these passive income streams and I must say they are potential cash cows. Better yet is the fact that they aren’t too common, so you will have very little competition, which invariably means you have the potential for earning a whole lot more through these streams.

The first on this list is

1.Turning Your Car into a Mobile Advert Platforms

A lot of brands out there know the importance of advertising and putting their products constantly in the face of their consumers and they will employ whatever means necessary to achieve this.

This passive income stream involves you signing up to become one of the advert medium to be used. You log on to the site and fill the form (filling in the brand of car you drive, the mileage you cover daily and the routes you commute), then you wait and when a campaign fitting you comes up, you’ll be matched if you’re approved.

To be approved though, you must meet certain criteria that will be listed by the company and have a clean driving record. You also must have a car insurance and cover a high mileage daily as this is usually one of the criteria to be selected (the more distance you cover, the better the chances of the brand being seen).

You can sign up to become a brand ambassador at

Once selected, the company creates the car wrap/design, which gets wrapped around your car.

You can end between $100 (36,000) and $400 (144,000) monthly, depending on your daily mileage covered.

2.Become a Mobile Advert

Another passive income idea for generating constant cash is to become a mobile advert.

Here, you wear branded t-shirts that bring awareness to these brands.

To get started, you should pitch your idea to top companies, especially if you regularly attend business functions or any other functions where the brands’ clients usually gather.

When these brands see the viability of your idea, especially if the pricing is reasonable, they are likely to get sold.

Best Passive income ideas
Best Passive income streams

3.Get Brands to Tattoo Their Brands on Your Skin

Some passive income streams are readily accepted, but this particular one isn’t as it involves getting tattoos drawn on prominent parts of your body like your forehead or skin, something a lot of people might not like.

However, these tattoos are usually temporary, present only for as long as the advertising campaign runs and you also will earn a lot of money, especially if you play your cards well.

To get started, log on to and pay a one-time fee of $19.99 and you will start to get paired with matching campaigns as they come up.

4.Carpool or Share Your Commute

A lot of people shy away from this way of making money due to the slight dangers involved (car getting robbed or picking up passengers with questionable personalities). However, if you can risk the dangers, this is one of the best passive income streams for making quick and regular cash.

The way it works, you sign up with an agency and when potential passengers (who would have been vetted beforehand) match your criteria, you get paired.

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5.Rent Out Your Parking Space

This is one of the best passive income ideas to try out. You could also rent out your driveway or parking space to out-of-town guests generally people needing the space temporarily and make some money.

6.Rent Your Car

Lastly, if you won’t be needing your car for a while, then you might want to consider renting it out for extra cash.

You should however, exercise the utmost care when doing this so you don’t rent out to unscrupulous fellows.

To greatly reduce the chances of this happening, you should opt for car hiring agencies as these would likely have son measures in place for screening out shady characters.

Setting Up Your Passive Income Ideas

Some of the best passive income take you a month to a few years to set up, depending on how much you’re willing to invest building them.

While doing it yourself works, this would likely take a linger time and you might get discouraged if you don’t see any positive results after a while.

To speed things up, you should take advantage of already established mediums or agencies as these will simplify the process of getting brands that want to advertise.

You might be required to pay a little sign up fee. However, you should exercise a lot of care and thoroughly research any agency before signing up to them so you don’t fall a victim of scam.

It’s best to sign up under an agency based on referral as a lot of people would have used the agencies with such positive reviews.

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