if he is bad in bed

Bad Sex: Would You Take a Walk If He is Bad in Bed?

by Muobo
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Bad Sex: Would You Take a Walk If He is Bad in Bed?

As a woman would you take a walk if you’ve got a really great guy if he is bad in bed?

Hey guys, welcome to my blog once again. Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to read this post. I hope you enjoy doing so and it touches your heart as it’s intended to.

So, I used to run a blog on women issues, but let it expire a few months back. While it existed (and occasionally afterwards as revealed by this letter) I would get an email from a reader sharing her life’s experiences or generally just seeking advice from fellow women.

Although the blog is no more, once in a while I still get the emails asking for advice from readers. This came in few days back and I thought to share it here with you guys. I’m hoping some of us can relate with the sender who’s confused about her bad sex life (past experiences, maybe?) or perhaps empathize with and give her advice or suggestions fitting to her predicament.

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Her Story

My name is Ivory (name has been changed) and I am engaged to be married in four months time. My husband-to-be is a wonderful guy; every woman’s dream. He’s loving, considerate, romantic, caring and faithful. There’s just one problem; he sucks in bed.

The first time we made love, I was so disappointed, I remained silent the whole day. Of course, I couldn’t tell if my disappointment stemmed from the fact that I had built a very high expectation from the several weeks we’d spent sexting and exchanging hot pictures.

The d-day came and things didn’t meet my expectations.

If he is bad in bed
Would you leave a good mam if he is bad in bed?

I had invited him over that day and after a romantic candlelight dinner, I changed into a sexy lingerie and led him to the bedroom. I was nervous with anticipation, waiting for him to practice all he’d teased me with the past few weeks, but all he wanted to do was get right down to action.


He rushed the foreplay and got in in no time and before I could say ‘hello’, he rolled off me, panting and sweating beside me, while I laid there wondering what just happened.

This marked the beginning of the worse sex experience of my life. We have sex often, at least once a week, but it was always the same hurried, unsatisfying experience. I have tried voicing my dissatisfaction and brought up suggestions, even took the lead sometimes just to spice things up, but that became the order of the day in our sex life; if I don’t do try to spice things up, we revert to the old, boring 2-minute activity which he seems to be very comfortable with.

I don’t know how much more of this sex life I can take as I’m constantly left unsatisfied. I’m not one to cheat, but the though has crossed my mind a few times. I’m dying inside.

I have thought of leaving him to find a man that will satisfy me, but I also don’t know if that won’t be a mistake; leaving a good man because of bad sex.

Though, I wonder if a lifetime of bad sex would be worth looking forward to and if it is something I can bear?

If he is bad in bed
Would you leave a great guy if he is bad in bed?

This situation is dicey and I don’t know if I would leave a good man either. Then again, sex is very important in a relationship and I know bad sex would be a major deal-breaker for most people.

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In her shoes, would you leave a good man over bad sex or would you see it as a small price to pay considering? Here’s what a few Nigerians have to say on this issue:

Its really about being willling to learn. Men and women think differently, have different phisiological makeup, and do sometimes want different things from sexual intimacy.
So it is about both parties being open to learn about each other. Its good to not make assumptions.
She should leave her partner only if he is not willing to learn.


Hmm, this is quite a dicey one truly. But then, it’s up to the lady. If she feels that she can put up with it without cheating, she should go on with her guy. But if having good sex is sorta a priority for her, she could walk away. There are other guys who are great, but still know how to do it. I definitely will take a walk if he is bad in bed.

Funmi Akinpelu

I would suggest talking to your partner first. I mean I had a situation when sex was amazing right from the first time, but in most of the cases, it comes with time and openness. There is nothing wrong in explaining to your partner that the sex wasn’t satisfying. But both of parties should be willing to improve.


The guy is selfish, pure and simple and I wouldn’t think twice about leaving such a guy.


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