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Am I Pregnant?: See 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy that are Never Wrong

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Am I Pregnant? 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy that are Never Wrong

Waiting to confirm if you are pregnant can be a trying time for women trying to get pregnant. You agonize if the signs you are noticing are truly pregnancy signs or just your over eager minds playing mind games on you.

There are a few early signs of pregnancy and women eager and trying to get pregnant do not have to wait any longer than they have to confirm their state. These signs vary from woman to woman, however, they are never wrong as nine times out of ten, they correspond with the pregnancy test which you might take later on.

early signs of pregnancy: am I pregnant
Am I pregnant? early signs of pregnancy

Top Ten Early Signs of Pregnancy that are Never Wrong

If you want to hasten your good news, then these are ten early signs of pregnancy you can look out for

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Cramping is one very common signs you will notice very early on in your pregnancy. For most women, this sign could present as early as one to two weeks into the pregnancy and could get mistaken for regular menstrual cramp.

Some women report experiencing this sign for several weeks after which it clears on its own. Cramping in pregnancy is a lot m,ilder than what you would experience in pregnancy and usually resolves within a few days to a few weeks.

2.Sore Breasts

Sore breasts is yet another early signs of pregnancy to look out for. Like cramping, this sign also starts quite early on in he pregnancy as comes about as a result of a surge in your hormones. This increase, causes a boost in the flow of blood to your breasts, resulting in the pain felt.

3.Darkening Areolas

Darkened areolas is yet another result of increased hormones. The presence of extra hormones and blood supply to your breasts causes your areola to get dark and for some women, this darkening continues a little more into the pregnancy.


Spotting in pregnancy is a sign the fertilized egg has left the fallopian tube and is now being implanted in your uterus where it will stay all through the duration of your pregnancy. It is the process of the fertilized egg getting attached to the walls of your uterus that brings about the bleeding. Implantation takes place 6-12 days after fertilization and this is when you can expect to see the spotting, if at all.

For some women, seeing these drops of blood which could run for a few hours to a few days usually gets them alarmed, especially if for some reasons, they are aware of the pregnancy. However, spotting in early pregnancy is usually no cause of alarm. You should however have it checked out if you want to put your mind at ease.

trying to get pregnant
trying to get pregnant

5.Lower Abdominal Pain

Lower abdominal pain is also one of the early signs of pregnancy and occurs when the fertilized egg travels down to implant itself in the uterus. This pain is usually very mild and usually resolves itself quickly, especially when you take in enough water.


As earlier said, there is a surge of hormones in your body during pregnancy and one of such hormones is progesterone which relaxes the muscles in your digestive tract, the result of which is a slowing down in your body’s ability to carry out regular digestion functions.


A lot of women report becoming extra sensitive to things they would previously have overlooked. Hypersensitivity as one of the early signs of pregnancy can present as you having a heightened sense of smell, a change in your sense of taste, or your skin suddenly becoming sensitive and reacting to products it previously accepted.

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Heartburn is yet another result of the surge in pregnancy hormones. These hormones cause your esophageal sphincter, the muscular valve between your stomach and esophagus, to relax, giving room for stomach acids to flow back up to your guts.

9.Morning Sickness

Morning sickness doesn’t always go by its name and could occur at any hour of the day. This sign of pregnancy is characterized by nausea and vomiting that could be mild, or so severe, it would require you be hospitalized.

10.Increased Gas

Increased gas is one of the early signs of pregnancy that is a spin-off or result of a surge in pregnancy hormones. Like bloating, this symptom occurs due to your digestive muscles becoming too relaxed to carry out its regular functions.

early signs of pregnancy
trying to get pregnant

Other Early Signs of Pregnancy to Look Out for

1.Food Aversion

The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) , a hormone that indicates pregnancy, increases the further along you go in your pregnancy. The presence of this hormone brings up reactions, some of which are cravings, nausea and aversion to certain foods.

2.Mood Swings

Mood swings are very common in pregnancy and are caused by rising pregnancy hormones, a change in your metabolism and physical stress. This symptom is commonly experienced in the first trimester and it is not uncommon to see a woman be very happy one minute and depressed the next.

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3.Frequent Urination

Almost every pregnant woman will experience the overwhelming desire to visit the restroom every minute as her bladder gets full. This frequent urination is caused by your increased hormones and a surge in the amount of blood circulating around your body as your uterus grows.


The presence of progesterone in your system will make you get tired a little more quickly and the higher the levels of this hormone, the more frequent you will experience feelings of tiredness and sluggishness.

5.Missed Period

This is usually the most obvious sign of pregnancy. Women trying to get pregnant usually count down to their next period and missing one is usually one of the best news for them.

6.High Basal Body Temperature

Usually, your basal temperature rises slightly just before you ovulate to indicate fertile days. However, once you get pregnant, it stays at a high level during the whole course of your pregnancy. This rise in temperature is again caused by elevated in the progesterone hormone and an increase in your metabolism.

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