A Simple Guide to Know When Your Baby is Full Versus When She’s Still Hungry

by Muobo
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As new mothers, we agonize over many things and one of these is whether our newborns are getting enough to eat when we feed them.

Since babies can’t express their needs or wants, its up to us mothers to decipher what they need each time and to do so correctly.

It can be hard at first trying to guess their crying cues and sometimes we get them wrong, especially at the beginning.

If you’re at such a time where getting to correctly interpret what each of your baby’s cries mean, here’s how you can go about it:

How to Correctly Interpret Your Baby’s Hunger Cues

Getting to know when your baby is hungry versus when she’s full is pretty easy and you can learn to decipher by following this simple technique.

Watch Her Hands
When your baby is hungry, her hands are squeezed shut but as she feeds, she starts to slowly loosen her fist. Once she’s full, her palms would be stretched fully open, as is shown in the picture above.

This, among other signs like letting go of the breasts (if breastfeeding), appearing relaxed and happy, or falling asleep, are some of the ways to tell your baby is satisfied from feeding and you can go right ahead to stop.

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