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9 Natural and Effective Ways to Delay Your Period for a Few Days

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9 Natural and Effective Ways to Delay Your Period for a Few Days

Did you know you can delay for period for a few days and get it to come at the exact day or pretty close to the time you want? And you can achieve this using very simple an natural remedies.

For a lot of us women, getting a period once a month is a given and is something we’ve come to expect. However, there will be those few times where you want your period to come a little bit earlier or late for one pressing reason or the other and at such times, we go all out to look for safe and natural ways to achieve this.

If you ever thought finding one or more of these natural ways to delay your period was impossible, here’s some good news for you: there are actually quite a few tricks you can adopt to delay your period and they come with very little to zero side effects.

Top Seven Natural Ways to Delay Your Period


Lemon is one of the best natural remedies to use if you want your period to come a few days later than it’s supposed to. Not only is lemon a great remedy for delaying your period, it’s also a good weight loss recipe and will also give you a great skin tone.

Lemon contains a high dose of vitamin c, which when taken, increases the level of estrogen in your system, thereby delaying your period.

To use, mix one to two teaspoon fresh lemon juice in a glass of water and take for three days just before your bedtime time.

This remedy might look simple, but it will delay your period for up to three days when taken.


Another potent remedy to consider for stopping your period is cinnamon. This herb can put a stop to how your body releases eggs, which will in turn help delay your period.

However, cinnamon is a very potent herb and should be taken with great care as very high doses of it could bring about the following side effects:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Blood thinning
  • Very heavy flow when your period does return.
  • Strong uterine contractions
  • Liver or kidney issues.

If using cinnamon, mix one teaspoon of it in a glass of sightly hot water and take before bedtime.

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Gelatin also works great to delay your period, but only for a short while. So, if you’re looking to have your period postponed for 3-4 hours, then this is the option to go with.

To get this benefit, dissolve gelatin in a glass of water and drink.

Delay your period 2
How to delay your period for a few days

4.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is not just a great way reduce cholesterol and maintain your weight, but could also help delay your period for up to a week.

To achieve, mix two to three teaspoons in a glass of water and take daily for a week.

You might want to prepare yourself mentally though, as apple cider vinegar has a slightly unpleasant taste. You might want to take lots of water afterwards, eat some dry bread or chew some sugar-free gum to help reduce this taste in your mouth.


Cardamon works, but only if you take it 4-5 days before your period.

It is also a great remedy to eliminate cold, reduce hiccups, cure bad breath, improve asthma condition, boost appetite and treat skin allergies.

To delay your period using cardamon, chew a handful of the seeds daily for a few days and your period will be pushed back by a few days.

6.Raspberry Leaves

Raspberry leaves contain a chemical compound, fragrine, which when used, helps tones and relaxes your uterine walls, making it a great option for delaying your period.

To use, pour some raspberry leaves into a cup of boiling water and let it steep for five minutes. Next, strain the liquid and add a teaspoon of honey.

Raspberry tea also works to reduce menstrual cramps as well as balance your hormones if the seem to be all over the place.

7.Sherphad’s Purse

Sherphad’s purse is another potent remedy for delaying your period.

This herb is also great for treating diarrhea, menstrual cramps, kidney diseases, and blood pressure issues.

To use, steep some of this herb in boiling water for 20 minutes and then drink for a few days prior to your period.

Delay your period
delaying your period

How to Bring Your Period a Few Days Forward

On the flip side of delaying your period for a few days, is making it come a few days earlier.

Since delaying this period is so you can have the time to get that pressing need done without said period being in the way, having it come a few days earlier will also produce the same result.

That said, here are a few natural ways you can adopt to get your period to come earlier:

1.Eat Food Rich in Betacorotene

Foods like carrot, kale, spinach, sweet potato, and cantaloupe are rich in betacarotene and will help induce your period.

Some examples of such food are sweet potato, carrots, dark leafy greens, apricots, squash, and cantaloupes.


Pineapple can also help induce your period if taken in the right quantity. This fruit is not just delicious, but also contains a compound, bromelain that works by softening your uterine walls to speed up your period.


Yarrow is yet another herb that works for a time like this. It works by relaxing and stimulating your uterus to bring your period in faster.

To use, pour dried yarrow leaves in a cup of hot water and allow it steep for 15-20 minutes. Strain and then drink.

4.Eliminate Stress

Stress can also mess up your system, making your hormones go out of sync, and this will bring out a delay in your period.

To reverse, identify and eliminate every thing that brings stress into your life, either gradually or at once. A good way to do this also, is by performing some mild to moderate exercises. Doing this will not just de-stress you, but will also relax your body and system to bring on your period.

5.Take Lots of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered a emmenagogue, which when taken, will contract the uterus to bring about your period much faster.

You can choose to take vitamin c in its supplement form to achieve this result or eat foods rich in vitamin c.

How Safe is It to Try to Delay Your Period?

Getting a period each month if you aren’t expecting is a natural part of every woman’s life. So what happens when you tamper with this natural order of things to delay your period?

While delaying your period just once might come with no any serious health consequences, doing so often definitely will and some repercussions you can expect to get include bleeding when not on your period, blotting and deep vein thrombosis.

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