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9 Helpful Tips to Live Healthier as a Woman

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9 Helpful Tips to Live Healthier as a Woman

The right habits will give you the best health you need as a woman. Here are nine such helpful tips to help you achieve that optimal health.

Health is wealth

It’s quite certain almost everyone on earth would love to be in good health. There aren’t many things as bad as being constantly ill. The emotional and psychological stress it brings, not to mention the amount of finance that goes into treating these illnesses, can’t be measured.

While research shows that women live five years longer than men on average, they spend it a little less healthier than the other gender.

However, there are tips and lifestyle habits women can adopt to change this status quo to live healthier.

9 Helpful Tips to Live Healthier as a Woman

1.Exercise Regularly

Exercising is great for the body, especially the heart. People who engage in regular moderate to rigorous exercises have fewer health issues, especially health-related issues than people who don’t.

Some good exercises you can perform for optimal health include jogging, walking, skipping, bicycling, or power walking.

You should exercise regular, going st a pace that’s right for you. Performing these exercises will keep you healthier than most.

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Helpful tips
Helpful tips

2.Eat Healthily

Most of us ladies have a knack for eating junk, especially if they are easily available. However, while these might be quick hunger busters, they aren’t healthy in the long run.

Besides the risk of obesity, people who eat junk food often run the risk of some not-too-pleasant health complications like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and depression.

You should eat healthier, making sure your food contains all or most classes of food. Some good examples of such nutrient-densex food are salmon, seaweed, blueberries, egg yolk, kale, garlic, shellfish, sardine, potatoes, liver, and dark chocolate.

3.Carry Out Regular Breast Examinations

It is recommended that women carry out regular (monthly) self breast examinations and report to a healthcare provider if you notice any lump, even seemingly innocent ones.

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4.Reduce Stress

A lot of women go through some level of stress as we struggle to balance our career as well as our family life.

It can be very hard finding a balance and we find we are stressed most of the time.

However, we should learn to manage it as stress has very negative health consequences ranging from depression to infertility, and heart-related issues.

Stress is bad for your body on so many levels. It messes with your physical as well as emotional health and could even leave you susceptible to a few other ailments.

Some of the ways stress affect you include:

– Your immunity drops, leaving you prone to infections and other ailments.

– It disrupts your memory and you find it hard recollecting things.

– It messes with your hormones, leaving you prone to pimple breakout.

– Your hormones also surge and get skewed and you could come down with a high blood pressure.

– You are likely to eat more when stressed, leaving you prone to weight gain.

– It affects your digestive system and you could find yourself faced with constipation.

While it can be hard finding a balance between our work and family learn, we should learn to manage stress
A lot of women go through some level of stress as we struggle to balance our career as well as our family life.

Find a method that works for you and practice this regularly to manage this stress.

Find a method that works for you and practice this regularly to manage this stress.

Helpful tips
Helpful tips

5.Get Enough Sleep

Your body needs it, especially if you find you are always exhausted. The recommended sleep time for an adult is 7 to 8 hours, but you can do more if it’s convenient for you and your body will thank you for it.

6.Go for Regular Health Check-ups

Many health issues have been discovered and nipped in the bud before they escalated out of control.

Funny enough, some of these health complications don’t present any symptoms and would go undetected without these checkups.

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7.Avoid Dangerous Lifestyle Habits

While these might be pleasurably momentarily, dangerous lifestyle habits like smoking and excessive drinking do a lot of damage to your body.

You should quit these habits to live a healthier life.

8.Maintain a Healthy Weight

Keep your weight within a healthy range, one that’s ideal for your height. If you find you are heavy on eating, you should engage in more exercises to burn off the extra calories.

9.Eat Food Rich in Folic Acid and Iron

Food rich in folic acid and iron are needed for optimal health.

Some benefits you can expect to get from folic acid and iron include the following

Folic Acid

  • it enhances your mood
  • it aids digestion
  • it’s great for treating gum infections
  • it improves your skin texture and firms it up.


  • iron reverses insomnia
  • boosts your immune system
  • supports muscles formation

Some food rich in folic acid and iron include citrus fruits, peas, avocados, dried beans, lentils, dark green vegetables, shellfish, spinach, pumpkin seed, red meat, turkey, liver, quinoa, tofu, broccoli, and legumes.

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