Beauty tips for glowing skin

9 Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin All Girls Should Know

by Muobo
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9 Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin All Girls Should Know

The right beauty tips done over time will give you a glowing skin.

A few weeks ago I had a pimples breakout and while searching the internet for a fast remedy to rid my face of these annoying face bumps (as I had an event a few days later), I came across an article on natural beauty tips for glowing skin.

Of course, my interest was piqued and I read through to the end as against my skimming through searched articles as I’m fond of doing. In the end, it turned out most of the beauty tips are tips I already practice in a regular.

However I’d let myself go in the past few weeks, which explained my not-too-happy to look out skin.

These beauty tips are great and will give you a glowing skin in as little as 1-2 weeks’ time.

If you’d like to adopt them, here are

Five Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin Every Girl Try Out

1.Drop Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

There are those habits we have that cause us more harm than they bring us good and a few of these are smoking and drinking. While these may be calming, in the end, the price we pay for indulging in them are way more than the benefit we get.

Here’s how they affect your skin:

  • Smoking contracts your blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygen that gets distributed around your body, including your skin.
  • It also affects the production of collagen, a compound which helps your akin maintain it’s healthy glow.
  • Besides having a pale-looking, uneven tonned skin, smoking also increases your risk of cancer as it contains a few carcinogens which promote cancer.
  • Like smoking, drinking also affects your skin negatively as it leaves you dehydrated.

To get a glowing skin, you might want to look into dropping these habit that have been proven to be medically unhealthy for you and your skin.

Beauty tips for glowing skin
Beauty tips for glowing skin

2.Drink a Lot of Water

Water is life and rightly so and that’s because it performs so many needed functions in our system.

Besides ridding the body of toxins, water is also essential to prevent your blood from thickening, a situation that would increase your blood pressure.

Health practitioners recommend taking 7-8 glasses of water daily. So, besides keeping you healthy with your system functioning optimally, this simply beauty tip will keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

3.Do Not Go to Bed with Your Makeup On

This is what happens when you go to bed with your makeup on: your skin pores get clogged, leading to a pimple or acne breakout.

So, even when you are too tired to take a shower at the end of the day, you should endeavor to wash every makeup off your face before turning in for the night.

4.Eat Healthily

A healthy meal is one packed with the right classes of meals in the right proportions. Your skin, like the organ that it is, needs this balanced diet to remain healthy and supple.

You should eat lots of veggies and fruits and your skin will thank you for this.

5.Exfoliate At Least Once a Week

Exfoliation is just a simple techniques of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin to allow for a fresher ones.

It also boosts the flow of blood to your skin, giving you that extra glow you need.

You can make your own exfoliation scrub using everyday items you can find in your pantry like coconut oil or milk along with any of these solids like sugar, ground oats or coffee.

Beauty tips for glowing skin
Beauty tips for glowing skin

6.Find Out Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is one of the most important steps towards achieving a glowing skin and that’s because it will influence your decision on the right skincare products to use and how often you should use these.

There are five different skin types: normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin types. Find out your skin type and follow it religiously to achieve your desire of a beautiful, glowing skin.

7.Use Some Sunscreen Each Time You Step Outside

Sunscreen is a lifesaver and can be the difference between having a healthy looking skin and one that’s covered in premature wrinkles.

The sun gives off UV rays that is very damaging to our skin. Wearing sunscreen shields your skin from these rays which doesn’t just cause sunburn, wrinkles and fine lines, but have also been known to put you at risk of developing skin cancer.

Ensure you use a sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30, even on seemingly clouds days to keep your skin protected.

8.Exercise Regularly

This is one of the beauty tips for glowing skin a lot of people overlook and that’s because most times we downplay the connection between exercise and a glowing skin.

Regular exercise doesn’t just make you burn excess calories and keep you in top shape, it also improves your circulation, giving you that undeniable healthy glow.

Beauty tips for glowing skin
Beauty tips for glowing skin

Other Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin Every Girl Should Practice

9.Get enough sleep daily. Your skin is an organ like the rest of your body and when you deny yourself sleep, the effects also bounce off to your skin as it will begin to look tired and dull.

10.Eliminate stress (emotional and physical) as these have been known to be unforgiving to your skin.

11.Wash your face twice daily, especially if you have an oily skin to clear out your pores.

12.Give your face a regular skin massage to get the blood flowing freely to your skin surface.

13.Apply a honey face mask to your skin at least once a week to get the antibacterial, antioxidant and nutrient-rich benefits of honey. Leave this in for 30 minutes to an hour and then rinse off with lukewarm to get that healthy glow.

These thirteen beauty tips are proven and guarantees to give every girl that glowing skin. They are also natural, which means they come with very little to no side effects.

You might want to try them all to discover which ones or combination work best for you and which to settle for.

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