Things women wish men knew about pregnancy

8 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Pregnancy

by Muobo
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8 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Pregnancy

Pregnancy might be an exciting time for the parents, but it is also one plagued with a lot of discomfort and sometimes pain. To the outside world, it might seem you are one pregnant woman among so many others, but pregnancy is so much more than that. Here are eight things women wish men knew about pregnancy.

Being pregnant is such a beautiful thing for the expectant parents, but for a lot of these mothers, that’s all the beauty there is to this journey.

Pregnancy is hard; very hard. It takes a toll on us women and there are some things we wish our men knew about it so they understand us better and know how best to manage the situation with us.

Things women wish men knew about pregnancy
Things women wish men knew about pregnancy

Here are Eight Things Women Wish Men Knew about Pregnancy

Reality is Often Different from the Movies

One of the things women wish men knew about pregnancy is that the reality is often so much different from Hollywood. In the movies, you see a pregnant woman who is a dynamite; not a single streak of tiredness from carrying that life inside of her. She wakes up looking sexy, goes about her chores with the energy of three men, and finally gets begged to retire from all the work at night (okay, so maybe this is stretching it a bit, but you get the picture).

The real picture is sometimes far different from this. Sometimes we wake up strong and can take up the world like we usually do, but a lot of the times, we are tired and cranky for no reason.

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We Don’t Want Sex All the Time

Especially during the first trimester. At this time our hormones are all over the place and we don’t understand our bodies.

We appreciate your support as you are by our sides while we retch our hearts out, but as you try to console us bent over the toilet bowl, please try to control your wandering hands from finding their way all over.

Every Pregnant Woman is Different

No two pregnancies are the same and some women will be sicker than others. Please try to understand our own unique blend of symptoms and try not to compare us to the pregnant woman next door who appears stronger.

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We Are Tired All The Time

We fear you might start seeing us as lazy. It must be a drastic change to see a once super hardworking woman do nothing all the time, but we need you to understand that we are always tired all the time, even when we do absolutely nothing.

Things women wish men knew about pregnancy

We May Cry for No Reason

We love you and appreciate that we are in this this together, which is why we want you to understand why we cry over even the littlest things. Its our hormones; they are at their most active and so many that they may cause us to act in unusual ways.

Our Appetite Has Increased Tremendously

We eat all the time now, but really, its not us, its the baby who wants more food. We need you to understand this so the next time you see us gobbling down that big bowl of ice cream after the big bowl of soup we just took, you don’t look so alarmed. Blame the baby, please.

If We Can’t Get Enough, We Will Take Yours Too

We need a lot of food and we “have” to have it now or it feels like we’re going crazy. So if we can’t get enough, we will take yours. So, please bear with us. It’s only for a while, and all for a good cause.

We Get Insecure about Our Looks

We have gotten bigger and we feel less pretty at this time. We need you to help keep our confidence up by telling us we are still beautiful. We will believe you when you say it, because you are the one person we want to look beautiful for the most. So if you say we are beautiful with our protruding bellies and swollen feet, then we truly are.

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