Signs your ex has moved on

8 Definite Signs Your Ex Has Moved On and How You Can Too

by Kamara
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8 Definite Signs Your Ex Has Moved On and How You Can Too

Relationships break and you and your partner go your separate ways. However, sometimes there remains a part of you that secretly wishes things were different.

You are holding out hope that the breakup isn’t permanent and that you and your ex will somehow find your way back together.

A lot of couples that break up get back together and you are hoping you won’t be any different.

However, you don’t want to make that first move for obvious reasons. For one, you fear rejection; what if your partner truly is over you? It would be a double heartbreak to be rejected at this time.

Sitting on the fence won’t do you any good though. Knowing for sure will help you make that decision to move on as you should.

If you are wondering, here are some definite

Signs your ex has moved on

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Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

1) Little to No Contact

One of the most obvious signs your ex has moved on is that there will be very little to no words from that end.

When we have feelings for a person, a part of us still finds a way to reach out to them, even if we have to come up with an excuse to do so.

If your ex is keeping away from you; reaching out only when necessary and blocking your attempts to reach out then he clearly has moved on.

2) He Appears Emotionally Detached

Once your ex was affectionate and very interested in sharing your personal life, now he appears distant and detached.

People who are trying to move on tend to erect an emotional wall, more as a coping mechanism to help them move on faster. They appear calm, composed and show very little interest in discussing personal issues.

It might seem painful to the partner who still has feelings, but it’s nothing personal, which they will come to understand in the long run.

3) He Might Switch Up His Activities and Interests

Especially if the old ones remind him of your time together.

He seeks out new hobbies or pursues new passions, not just as a way to take his mind off the breakup, but also in a bid to seek personal growth and self-discovery.

He is embracing change and this show he is trying to move on.

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4) Social Media Changes

Drastic changes to his social media pages are one of the signs your ex has moved on. This change can come in one of two forms; if he’s been making the occasional posts to update his status, he could suddenly go silent, and take a big break from social media and the pressure it brings.

Alternatively, he could become hyperactive and take to posting more than usual. Whatever form he takes would depend a lot on his personality and his preferred method of healing because, even though he is trying to move on, it doesn’t mean he isn’t hurting.

5) Dating or Entering a New Relationship:

Another sign you should look out for is him entering into a new relationship.

This sign, however, is usually mixed. On the one hand, he could be entering into a new relationship as a rebound.

A huge number of people date immediately after a breakup as a way to get over their ex. On the other hand, he could genuinely be opening himself up to the possibility of love again.

You can’t be too sure with this sign and only time will tell which it is.

Signs your ex has moved on

6) Your Mutual Friends Give Feedback

This, however, is one sign you can be sure of.

Your mutual friends will always know the state of his heart and can give you an insight.

They are likely to know if he is making positive tries to move on and how much progress they have made.

You are sure to hear if he has met someone new and how serious this new relationship is.

7) Indifference towards Past Relationship

Another clear sign your ex had moved on is that they become indifferent towards you. It’s not that they hate you now, they just no longer hold things about you as dear as they used to.

While he would care about your well-being, he isn’t likely to dwell on it nor seek out ways to improve it. They also won’t dwell on the relationship nor show an interest in it. It becomes a part of their past, one they try to move on from.

This indifference, while painful paints a clear picture he has accepted the breakup and also emotionally detached himself from it.

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8) He is Genuinely Happy and Content

One final sign to look out for is your ex appearing genuinely happy and content.

At this point, it’s not that he isn’t hurting anymore nor does he value you any less, he has just decided to move on.

When someone has truly let go and found happiness within themselves, it radiates through their behavior. They may seem lighter, and more at ease with life. This emotional well-being suggests they have succeeded in moving on and are embracing a fulfilling life ahead without you.

What to Do When You Discover Your Ex Has Moved On

There are two ways forward when you discover your ex has moved on your you and your relationship:

  • Bemoan your fate as you pine over what was and what could have been.
  • Be proactive and also try to move on. As unfeeling as all these might sound, you don’t want to spend any more time feeling sorry for yourself.

Moving on from a breakup is hard and twice so if you don’t take a stand or make the move to do so.

You want to recognize that your ex likely didn’t move on because his feelings for you suddenly ceased to exist. He was able to because he decided to and made the move to achieve this.

Signs your ex has moved on


Healing after a breakup is painful and complicated. Recognizing the signs that your ex has moved on can help bring you closure and also help set you on the path to healing and moving on yourself.

Recognize that we all heal differently and at our own pace, It is also crucial you prioritize your well-being at this time. By understanding these signs, you can achieve clarity and peace, and also increase the likelihood of new and fulfilling experiences in your own life.

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Signs your ex has moved onSigns your ex has moved on

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