Creative Ways to make money

8 Creative Ways to Make Money for the 21st Century Woman

by Muobo
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8 Creative Ways to Make Money

There are a few creative ways to make money online and everyone who’s serious about making money can pick one that works for them and stick with it.

As a woman, any of these creative ways will work for you and you can decide to make as much or as little money as you want.

Before we delve into each of these ways, here are a few helpful tips you to get you started on your journey:

Key Facts About Making Money Online You Should Know

1.Making Money Online Most Often Takes Time

Making money online most times doesn’t happen overnight, and anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t telling you the truth.

Most of the time, it requires countless hours in effort, consistency, patience, and probably prayer before you can even start to see the yield. However, once you start making money, it usually doesn’t end.

2.There are Lots of People Waiting to Scam You

And this figure is doubled seeing as you are female. Most people have this notion women aren’t internet-savvy and will position to scam you if you aren’t cautious enough to avoid them.

Creative Ways to make money
Creative Ways to make money

3.Not Every Method will Work for You

Some will while some will fail outrightly. You should pick one that you have a passion for, which will also fit in with your lifestyle as a wife and mom.

Doing otherwise will see you stressed out and itching to leave it.

4.Take Time to Perfect Any Skill You Choose Or It Will Frustrate You

For most of these online jobs, learning them takes a short while, one month in most cases, however, perfecting them is what takes time but this is where the money is.

No one wants to employ someone who will produce a shoddy job. Dedicate your time and efforts towards perfecting these skills and you will be thankful for it.

That being said, here are eight creative ways to make money:

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Eight Creative Ways to Make Money Online


Blogging as a means of making money online might seem saturated, but it still works for those who do it right.

There are top blogs like Huffington post and DMZ that get millions of pageviews monthly and are raking in millions of dollars in earnings each month.

However, these guys didn’t become overnight successes, but paid the price to get to where they are today.

You make money as a blogger when you monetize your blog and from the traffic (lots of it) you get monthly.

2.Become a YouTuber

YouTube works in the same way blogs do; you make money by monetizing your YouTube channel and earn when traffic or people view your videos.

To be successful as a YouTuber and make money from it, you have to upload original content and be consistent at it.

Start by setting up a channel and building your subscriber base, then work at getting your subscribers to a thousand. You can achieve this by posting interesting videos that aren’t too long and being consistent at it.

Pick a niche you like and are familiar with and not necessarily one that’s ‘trending’ at the moment so you don’t get discouraged if tough times come.

Creative Ways to make money
Creative Ways to make money


You can also earn a descent living online freelancing on sites. I did this for several months and made a tidy income a few years back.

There are tons of skills you can develop to earn from (content creation, graphics or web design, web development). Just ensure you are good in whichever you pick and you will see the money rolling in.


This is one of the most creative ways to make money and the good news is that it costs next-to-nothing to get started.

Drop-shipping is a ‘business’ where you supply goods from the manufacturer to the end user without necessarily buying it with cash. The way it works, you source for people in need if the product and only contact the supply when you find. So you get the goods from the manufacturer and then supply (adding your profit) only after getting a customer.


If you are quite skilled in a craft or profession, then you can make money off of it tutoring people. There are quite a number of websites that connect people with tutors, that way you are saved the stress of searching for students yourself.

Website such, offer this service and you can get started signing up on any of them. Next, find out their method of operation and get started making some cool money.

6.SEO Specialist

SEO is the lifeblood of a website and most website rely on it to make money.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and involves planning and constructing your website and content to draw traffic naturally from search engines.

SEO involves quite a number of processes and busy or large websites would usually seek SEO experts or specialists to work on theirs.

You can become an SEO specialist by watching YouTube videos, getting tutored online or locally. The idea is to become seasoned at it so you can offer the best service there is.

Creative Ways to make money
Creative Ways to make money

7.Social Media Manager

Large websites or companies with a strong online presence most often require the services of a social media manager to manage their various social media platforms and this is where you come in.

You can make money getting this job done, and all from the comfort of your home while you also attend to your other wifely or mom duties.

8.Sell Ebooks

Selling ebooks is one of the most creative ways to make money online. It is one of my preferred method of making money online as it is a passive income stream; you write the ebook once and make money from it for life.

The good news is that you can write a book on just about any topic, making sure it is one of the best there is and then sell it on your website or through any of the available self-publishing platforms like Amazon, Draft2Digital, Lulu, Kobo books, among others.

This list of creative ways to make money definitely isn’t exhaustive as there are several more ways to earn a living online.

You should choose one that works best for you and also fits perfectly into your life so making money online becomes easy for you.

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