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7 Types of Men Who Cheat and What You Can Do About It

by Kamara

7 Types of Men Who Cheat and What You Can Do About It

Finding out the man you love is cheating on you or has cheated in the past can be devastating. No matter how many times he apologizes, you find it hard to completely erase the proof of his betrayal from your heart.

The relationship can never be the same and you will always wonder if he won’t do it again and should you forgive him.

Men and women cheat in relationships, and it’s hard to know that man who won’t cheat on you or betray your trust.

A research has shown that around 57% of men are likely to cheat on their partners, which leaves a huge 43% of men out there who won’t cheat. The question now remains how to spot these faithful men, or to do it the other way, how to spot men who cheat so you can give them a wide berth.

From studies, here are

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Men who cheat

7 Men Who Cheat Easily

1) Men Who Travel a Lot

If a man travels a lot, while it is not likely he will cheat on you, the chances of him doing so becomes quite high for a few reasons.

Once, he’s away from home and you and this loneliness among other things can push him to become unfaithful.

There’s also the fact he just might want to catch “a good time” on the side since there’s no one there to checkmate his actions anyway.

2) Men Who Are Insecure

A man is also more likely to cheat if he feels insecure, especially if he blames his partner for his insecurity.

This is more common among married couples. Since most couples tend to relax their guards completely after a few years of marriage, haven “seen it all”, it’s easy for familiarity and monotony to set in and some men might seek that thrill and the challenges that characterized the relationship at the beginning elsewhere.

3) Men With Friends Who Cheat

If a man rolls with cheaters, chances are high he is one or will become one given time.

Friends play a huge role in influencing our decisions and no matter how strong-willed a man prides himself on being, he will eventually become the crowd he hangs with often.

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Men who cheat

4) The Misogynist

Misogynists hate women for various reasons. He might have developed this hatred due to past unpleasant personal experiences or by being surrounded by such hate.

This hate, while subtle, can translate to him believing women deserve no respect or value. He believes loyalty is the last thing he owes a woman and will likely not put any effort into being faithful.

5) Men Who Are Extremely Goodlooking

Very good-looking men also have a slightly more likelihood of cheating on their partners.

This can happen in one of two ways:

  • He might be aware of his good looks and the effect it has on women and he use this to his advantage.
  • On the other hand, good-looking men get hit on a lot, even when they are looking to stay faithful to their partners. If he isn’t disciplined or loves you enough to stay true to you, then he just might stray.

6) The Playboy

The playboy sees relationships as a game and every woman to be conquered. His main reason for dating you might be to conquer you and once he achieves this, he moves on to the next game.

Sadly, not every player fits the prototype of a good-looking, sweet-talking guy, and before you get the idea it’s all a game to him, he’s achieved his aim and moved on to the next.

7) The Serial Cheater

The serial cheater cheats, but not necessarily because he sees you as a game.

This type of man might love you desperately but still cheat on you.

A lot of serial cheaters cheat for a few reasons, one of which is the fact he might have gotten away with this type of behaviour a few times in the past. There are still women who will make excuses for this type of man and forgive him again and again.

The fact remains that this man ends every relationship he enters by cheating, at least until he meets a woman who’s willing to look the other way.

What to Do When He Cheats on You

There are two courses of actions you can take once your man betrays your trust this way:

1) Work Things Through

The reason for his cheating and how he reacts afterward will tell you if you have a remorseful cheater on your hands and if you might be able to forgive him later on.

A man who didn’t mean to cheat, but gave in to temptation will be ashamed and effusive in his apology and would do all within his powers to win you back. It would be easy to see he regrets his actions and eventually, you just might be able to forgive and take him back.

2) Walk Away

On the other hand are men who will see his cheating as your fault. He will blame you for “letting yourself go”, not paying enough attention to him, or bringing a friend home when you know she’s very pretty.

This type of man won’t own up to his mistakes and in such cases, you might want to consider your continued being with him.

Some guys see cheating as harmless fun and would want you to turn the other way while he cheats. He excuses his behaviour as men being polygamous and since he’s giving you fairly good attention, you should allow him this one little indiscretion.

At this point, you might want to decide if you want to continue being in such a polygamous relationship, otherwise, you should do what’s best for you.

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7 types of men who cheat, what to do about men who cheat on you

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