Things you can do with coca cola

7 Things You Can Do with Coca Cola Besides Drink It

by Muobo
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7 Things You Can Do with Coca Cola Besides Drink It

Did you know there are things you can do with coca cola beside drink it? Okay, some of these things are downright funny! I mean, I never knew you could use coke for a lot of them. To me, coke was just something one could drink, especially when you are parched, haven been in the scorching sun. Some of these I have tried and they worked so well, others, never tried or tested, but quite a number of people swear by them.

You can catch some fun doing so on your own and also get to find out these coca cola facts for yourself. That said, here are:

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Seven Things You Can Do with Coca Cola Beside Drink It

1.Remove Rust

Coca cola is great for removing rust from metals or any other objects. It literarily eats the rust off the metal. This is one hack I have tried with such quick and astounding results so if you want your rusted necklace or coin good again just submerge it in a can of Coke overnight and it’ll come back to life.

2.Stain Remover

Have a tough stain that’s refusing to bulge? Dab a little Coke on it and let it sit for 5- 10 minutes before washing.

Do not let it sit for longer so the stain doesn’t stick and become tougher to remove.

Things you can do with coca cola
Things you can do with coca cola

3.Get Greasy Stains Off Pots and Other Items

Yet another surprising thing you can do with coca cola is get tough greasy stains from your pot and other kitchen items.

To use, pour a moderate amount of coke into a bowl, top up with water and submerge the greasy items therein. Leave this for 10 – 20 minutes and then wash off.

4.It Makes for a Good Conditioner

If you are the adventurous type, then this is one very unconventional conditioner you could use for your hair. Quite a number of people swear by it, but you keep your fingers crossed before trying it out.

Coca contains phosphoric acid that tightens your curticles

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However, you should know that using coca cola for your hair doesn’t do much but give it a shiny texture and a tousled look. So, if you are on the lookout for that fully texture, them you should go all the way.

Here’s how you can achieve that tousled look using coca cola:

  • Pour a bottle of coke over your hair (use two bottles if you have long hair).
  • Let it sit for a minute or two and then head over to the bathroom to rinse off using lukewarm water.
  • Dry hair and style as usual.

5.Removes Gum from Your Hair

Ever had gum stuck in your hair? Then you’ll know it can be be tricky to remove without it spreading. Most people would usually just cut the part of the hair with the gum, however, a less stringent method to use would be applying coca cola to it. Get it off easily using Coke.

Just apply a little to the affected part for five minutes and the gum comes right off.

Other equally effective methods you can use to get rid of gum stuck in hair includes using ice cube, which will help solidify the gum, making it come off easily and using peanut butter.

6.Remove Stubborn Stains from Your Toilet Bowl

Have that dirty brown or yellow water mark on your toilet bowl that’s refusing to go, make use of coca cola to achieve the desired result.

Pour some quantity of coca cola over the stain, let it sit for forty five minutes to an hour, scrub with a brush, and then flush.

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7.Get Your Burned Pots Cleaned Again

Some burnt pots just refuse to get clean no matter how hard you scrub at them. You can get those stubborn stains off using coca cola.

To achieve this, pour some quantity into the pot and place on medium heat to boil for five to ten minutes. Once done, take off heat, allow it cool down sufficiently and scrub easily at the burnt food particles.

Things you can do with coca cola
Things you can do with coca cola

More Things You Can Do with Coca Cola

A few more things you can do with coca cola include:

  • Remove stubborn blood or milk stains off your clothes.
  • Clean your eyeglasses. To use, pour a little quantity unto the lenses, clean with a piece of cloth and give it a cleaner look by cleaning with water.
  • Gets rid of hiccups or constipation.
  • Tenderize your meat by adding a little coke as you boil.
  • Relieves an upset stomach.
  • Can make for a great ingredient when making coca cola cake.
  • Naturally lightens your skin
  • Removes marker and paint stains.
  • Gives a zing to your barbeque sauce.
  • Fertilize your house plant.
  • Loosens stuck bolts.

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