Ways to overcome depression

7 Simple Ways to Overcome Depression

by Muobo
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7 Simple Ways to Overcome Depression

Depression as an emotion is so pervasive, it will literarily take over and shut down your life. However, it can be overcome, one little step at a time. Here are seven simple ways to overcome depression you should know.

I suffered from depression for two years and during this time, I lost every ounce of joy in me. Life became one long drag and each day was something I had to get through sanely.

I became suicidal and only the fear of hell (yeah, I’m a religious person) kept me from taking my life and ending it all.

I tried talking to a few friends who told me to snap out of it. My mom (although she meant well) told me I was depressed because I wanted to and I would be happy the minute I tried to be. All I had to do was tell myself I was happy and I would be. That was her solution to my depression. Bless her heart.

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Because I was desperate though, I tried it and your guess is as good as mine; it didn’t work.

I also tried praying and this was when I got to know that although prayer is a very powerful tool, there are some things we have to work out physically.

Ways to overcome depression
Ways to overcome depression: Depressed lady sitting on the floor

How I Finally Overcame My Depression Using These Simple Techniques

In the end I knew I was my only help and I needed to act fast as I was sinking in too deep and would likely get to a place of difficult return so.

So, here’s what I did that got me out of that dark pit:

I turned to Google.

It’s amazing how much information is within our reach, just a keypad away. I got on Google and researched a way out of my predicament and was presented with tons of helpful tips.

And yes, I tried them all. Here are the ones that worked for me.

  • Stop Negative Self Talk
    I realized this was the number one thing fueling my depression and slowly killing me, so, it had to go.

It wasn’t easy as I’d had years of practice negatively talking to myself; being so critical and hard on myself when I made mistakes. However, I was determined and worked at it. It took a while but it paid off.

I started by cutting the voice in my head. I nipped it short as soon as it reared; before it had the chance to gain a foothold and my effort worked after a while.

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  • I Listened to Upbeat Music
    Learning to stop negative self-talking was a long-term thing and I needed something for the short-term. Music my rescue and it helped a lot.

My research showed that listening to upbeat music changes your brain chemistry in your depressed state, which helps to improve your mood. This research turned out to be true.

So, I got an iPod, then got on tubidy.mobi where I researched and found out some upbeat songs I liked. These I stored in my iPod and listened to anytime I felt a depressed mood coming on.

  • I Got a Journal for My Thoughts
    Putting my thoughts to paper also helped a great deal. Here I was free to be myself and could write exactly how I was feeling.

I found that I felt a little improvement in my mood each time I documented it, so I took to doing it often.

  • I Exercised Daily
    I took long walks or 45 minutes to an hour. The change of scenery; seeing people go about their business, helped improve my mood.

Any type of exercise done releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone that helps improve your mood.

Soon, others joined my regular walk, and even though their reason for joining might have been different from mine, the company was very much needed and appreciated.

Ways to overcome depression
Ways to overcome depression: Lady sitting and staring out the window

Here are Some Tips that Didn’t Particularly Work for Me but Might for You

  • Try Herbal Remedies
    Some Chinese and Indian herbs have been known to improve your mood.

You could try: ginkgo, Asian ginseng, turmeric, or artic root.

Let me state again that I didn’t see much improvement using these herbs, but they have been known to be effective mood boosters by one too many people and you could give this a try.

  • Practice Meditation
    Try a 30 minutes meditation, especially at the times you feel the most down.

This practice has been known to boost your level of serotonin (happy hormone) and also help you relax.

  • Get Plenty of Rest
    This just makes a lot of sense. Like any other machine, our bodies need rest and denying it of this need makes you stressed out and irritable, two factors that could trigger a depressed episode.

These methods have been known to work time and time against depression. The first few worked for me and can for you too.

However, if you feel your depressed state lingers still, then you should seek professional help to help trace the root of your mental state.

Depression is a silent killer and no one deserves to be in that state even for a day.

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