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7 Relationship Tips to Win Your Man Back

by Kamara
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7 Relationship Tips to Win Your Man Back

Every relationship can be salvaged using the right relationship tips if you are willing and ready to put in the effort to see it revived.

Most relationships start out great; boy meets girl and they fall head over heels in love. You spend every waking minute together as you can’t bear being away from them for too long. You become the Romeo and Juliet of your time and everyone around you looks at you with longing and fondness as the sight of you both reminds them of their love or takes them back to the live they once shared.

Sadly, for a few couples things don’t always remain as rosy and get find the relationship taking a downward spiral; once you couldn’t live without each other, now you can’t live without wanting to kill each other.

If you find your relationship is at this spot; your man has grown afar from you and your relationship is on the verge of breaking, you need not fret as it can be salvaged.

Most Marriages Struggle But Can Still be Saved

A lot of marriages are at this state today: you’ve gotten to a point where going your separate ways seems like a much better option to the sham you feel you’re both living.

But like most things in life, even a bad marriage can be saved (and this is not a cliche), if you’re willing to put in the time.

Your marriage didn’t just suddenly crumble; it took months, even years of laying the wrong-fitting blocks, before the whole house came crumbling like a pack of cards.

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You can rebuild your marriage and get back your once-loving relationship again. It mist likely won’t be easy. Mine certainly wasn’t. Heck, there were times I wanted to abandon the whole process and just take the easy way out, but I stuck through and came out victorious at the other side.

Relationship tips
Relationship tips

Relationship Tips to Win Your Man Back

This blog piece focuses on proven relationship tips to win back your partner’s love and affection. So whether he’s become emotionally distant, is on the verge of moving out, or already has, you can win him back , if you want to.

Relationship Tips to Win Your Man Back

Winning your man back starts with knowing what drove him away; what drove that wedge between you both.

Couples don’t just wake up and discover they are now strangers. There’d have been those little habits and small fights that all added up and led to that big fights.

These habits may not seem like anything to you, but done continuously they can be very damaging.

Relationship Ruining Habits You Should Avoid

When you let marital conflict or little relationship problems go unresolved, they fester and grow to become one large gapping wound that most often can no longer be treated.

Unresolved relationship crises put so much strain on a relationship that most times , one or both couple usually look to splitting as the only way out.

The following problems, are top everyday habits we practice, unaware of the damaging effects they are having on our relationships.

  • Contempt

Contempt doesn’t just come out of the blues. It comes when your partner fails to meet your expectations repeatedly. It is one of the most dangerous emotions to have in a relationship and is also one predictor people see of relationships that won’t last.

  • Over Criticism

Nobody likes being criticised, especially when it’s done constantly. Over criticism is one relationship habit can gradually start to strip your man of his self esteem and to fight back, he will likely distance himself from you.

  • Lack of Trust

Trust is the glue that keeps a relationship together and when it’s missing, the relationship dies.

  • Disrespect

Everyone loves respect, however, for men, respect is more of a need than a want. Disrespecting your man often is the fastest way to push him away and ruin your relationship.

  • Unforgiveness

Forgiving your partner when they do something hurtful may be hard, but it is necessary as unforgiveness destroys a relationship.

Also, you should know choosing not to forgive doesn’t just hurt your relationship, it hurts you also in the long run.

Relationship tips
Applying good relationship tips can be the difference between happiness and broken relationships
  • Anger

Everyone gets angry once in a while, but getting angry all the time and being violent when you do can be destructive not just to your health, but also the health of your relationship.

Anger often leads to strained relationships, as no one likes being around someone who’s constantly angry.

  • Being Controlling

Men are created to want to be in charge; the ones controlling the situation and in that vein, no man would want to or be happy being controlled by his woman.

If a man remains in such a situation, it could be because he’s out of options. However, most men would usually walk away when presented with even one seeming better option.

Here are Other Relationship Habits that Can Ruin Your Relationship

• Ignoring Him Sexually
• Bringing in a Third party to Your Sqabbles
• Comparing and Expecting Him to be Like Others
• Not Being Thankful for His Efforts to You or the Family
• Faking Orgasm to Please Him
• Disrespecting His Family
• Belittling His Friends
• Always Wanting to be In charge
• Being Too Competitive
• Not Having a Life of Your Own

When you let marital conflict or little relationship problems go unresolved, they fester and grow to become one large gapping wound that most often can no longer be treated.

Win Him Back with These Relationship Tips

The first step to winning the love of your life back, is knowing which of these relationship foxes pushed him away. When you know the extent of the damage these ruining habits can do, you can begin to retrace out steps.

Next, you might want to go ahead to practice these proven relationship tips and see your man gradually come back to you.

Relationship tips
The right relationship tips will heal your relationship.
  • Put Him Before the Kids

It was you both before those little guys came along and this doesn’t have to change.

Of course, as women we all love our kids dearly, but this is where wisdom comes in. You have to strike a balance in how we present things so the man doesn’t end up feeling he’s a second best.

  • Pray for Him Always and Let Him Know You Do

Everyone needs prayer, including your man. Pray for his finances, his career, his daily challenges, and whatever else you feel pressed to pray for.

  • Support His Dreams and Endeavors

You are his number one fan. Let him know you support and are on his side always.

  • Try not to Compare Your Marriage to Others.

Understand that each marriage is beautiful in its own way with its set of unique challenges.

  • Keep an Active Line of Communication open

Develop one that suits you both and stick with it.

  • Be Loyal and Trustworthy

Let him know he’s got you in his corner and can count on you through thick and thin.

  • Be Attractive and Cheerful

Do not let yourself go, especially after the kids start coming.

It won’t be easy, but keeping fit is actually very beneficial as it doesn’t just make you beautiful but also leaves you healthier.

  • Show Love to Him Using His Love Language

Everyone has a love language. We all want to be loved a particular way. Find out his and show him love in that way.

  • Be Submissive

Submission gets a man often. Let him know you respect his decisions.


These are proven tips that worked for me. My marriage was so far gone, I never thought we would be anything but divorced today.

However, the resentment and animosity we felt towards each other cleared and the road to healing began, one step at a time.

Now, we aren’t where we were when we first fell in love, we are in a much better place.

These relationship tips can work for you too and you can get your relationship to that place you’ve always dreamed of.

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