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7 Home Safety Tips Every Mother Should Know

by Muobo
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7 Home Safety Tips Every Mother Should Know

Kids will always be kids and because of their propensity to always get in harm’s way, it’s left to us parents to shield them as best we can from the possibly harmful situations around the home. Here are seven home safety tips you can adopt as a mom to achieve this.

As a mother I know how kids can be; one minute they are under your watchful gaze the next, they are sneaking off and getting entangled in one dangerous habit or the other.

It’s also a known fact that every parent wants to keep their kids protected, out of harm’s way. However,
no matter how much a mother wants to, it is not humanly possible to keep your kids out of danger 100% of the time. However, you can greatly reduce how often they get placed in harm’s way by putting certain safety measures in place.

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In that light, here are:

Seven Home Safety Tips Every Mother Should Know and Practice.

1. Never Go About With Boiling Water

Every mother should exercise more care when going about with boiling water, especially if you have to go about with large quantity of it.

There have been cases of parents running into their kids who they didn’t know were by their heels and unintentionally harming them.

If you need this water for a bath r to brew a cup of tea, ensure you cool it down sufficiently before taking it out of the kitchen.

You might also want to be on the lookout to ensure your kids aren’t about before moving. A method I use is to announce I’m coming out of the kitchen and with hot water. This is usually enough to get the older kids out of the way and since they will help get the younger ones too, it takes care of the issue for me.

home safety tips
home safety tips for mothers

2. Avoid Buying Household Cleaning Agents or Chemicals in Bright Colours

The other day, my daughter saw a roll of bleaching agent I’d bought from the store and went happily announcing to everyone I’d bought her a role of goodies.

Some cleaning products or chemicals come in very bright packages which might look attractive to kids.

You might want to avoid buying these and instead, go for alternatives. However, if you must purchase these, keep them well out of reach of your kids.

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3. Keep Electric Sockets and All Electric Outlets Covered

My kid plays towards electric socket often. She’s done this ever seen she was just months old and could crawl and this made me more cautious as a mother.

I child-proofed the house the first day I noticed this, keeping all electric sockets and outlets covered with cellotape. For sockets in constant use, these were kept barricaded in such a way it was impossible for a her to get to them.

4. Keep Breakable Items Out of Reach

Breakable items can cause a lot of harm and you should keep these safe and out of reach of your kids. If your kids are a little bug, you might want to constantly remind them in that way a hold would understand, how they shouldn’t play with breakable items as doing so could be dangerous.

home safety tips
home safety tips

5. Have an Emergency Safety Number They Can Call

Once your kids are of a certain age, you should get them a phone and get a number they can get you on always. This number and a few others should be placed on speed dial so it’s easier for them to get to you.

Also teach them the importance of dialing 911 and make them understand they are to use it when they sense ant danger around them.

6. Teach Them to Avoid or Be Wary of Strangers

Teach your kids that strangers are to be avoided and not talked to without your permission.

Let them know the dangers involved interacting with strangers. Tell them stories of kids that have met with unpleasant results for interacting with strangers when they shouldn’t have.

You might need to repeat this lesson several times and constantly too before the instruction is adhered to.

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7. Keep an Eye On Them Around Water

Recently, a top Nigerian celebrity, Dbanj, lost his only kid to a swimming pool accident. The kid, only a few months old at the time, had crawled to the swimming pool centered in one of the rooms in the mansion and drowned before help could get to him.

This is why as parents we should keep a closer eye on them when around a pool or at the beach.

Do not let them wander too far from you or go into the water unsupervised, especially if they aren’t very good swimmers.

Even when they are, you should exercise extra caution around them and avoid or guard against all distractions to avoid stories that touch. If you can, you should get a swimming ring and ensure you get one in your child’s size so she doesn’t slip through it.

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