7 Hilarious Pregnancy Myths You Should Totally Disregard

by Muobo
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Pregnancy myths can be scary when you first hear them, but later on, you will look back and have a good laugh with friends when you remember them or how scared they made you.

Pregnancy can be a fun time in a woman’s life; you get to see and hear things that will thrill, amaze, or downright crack you up. One of such interesting things are the pregnancy myths that get passed around by family or well-meaning friends, or acquaintances.

Some of these myths are told with the mindset of protecting you, however, because they aren’t grounded in facts, they turn out to be just that; myths.

When I was pregnant, I had my fill of these pregnancy myths, and some turned out to be so hilarious (although I never made the mistake of laughing right there when or I was told or I’d have been done for), they still ring in my head.

Here are seven of such myths I just have to share with you guys:

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7 Pregnancy Myths You Should Totally Disregard

Pregnancy Myth #1: Walking at night Exposes Your Baby to Evil Spirits
I remember having a fallout with my mom a few times over this myth. I stayed at her place a few weekends and she would have a fit if I arrived at night.

As the myth goes, there are vile spirits lurking around just waiting to possess a child if the mother walked at night.

My mom strongly believed this myth and while there is no fact to back it up, most people like myself who don’t quite believe it have to give in for peace to reign.

Pregnancy Myth #2: Attaching a Safety Pin to Your Dress at the Stomach Region Drives Away These Evil Spirits
It’s a very common sight to see pregnant women attach a safety pin to their dress at the stomach region while outside the house, especially at noon. (Apparently, the safety pin was completely ineffective at night).

This act is more a safety measure than an attack directed at the spirits. The way the myth goes, it is believed the spirits will see the gesture as an appeasement and mark the lady to not be touched.

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Pregnancy Myth #3: You Shouldn’t Drink Cold Water or Double Over or Your Baby will End Up Cross-eyed

I got this a lot while pregnant. I had hyperemesis in pregnancvand had a strong aversion to food and room temperature water. Very cold water and ice were the only liquids I could take in withing vomiting my lungs out my first trimester.

However, my mom was having none of this as she insisted taking very cold things while pregnant would make my baby cross-eyed.

Now, while I appreciated her care and obvious concern, this was one myth I wasn’t going to give into as cold water was a lifeline I wasn’t ready to give up for any reason.

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Pregnancy Myth #4: If You Lose Your Beauty While Pregnant, You’re Definitely Having a Girl
The last trimester of pregnancy is very challenging and is also the time most pregnant women lose some or all of their pregnancy glow.

They become really large with big tummies, sometimes swollen legs, and a complexion that’s not as glowy
as it used to be.

While this is usually a sign that it’s almost time for your precious bun to make his/her grand entrance into the world, most people interpreted it as it as a sign you’re having a girl and your girl-child has taken all your beauty to make herself beautiful.

Not to worry though, as the myth goes, you will get your beauty back when your daughter gets born and then you both will end up being beautiful.


Pregnancy Myth #5: You Should Eat Much More as You’re Eating for Two
There’s also the pregnancy myth that you’d have to eat a double portion of every meal you take in, especially in your third trimester as you’d be eating for two.

However, health experts have debunked this myth and state you only need an extra 200 calories in addition to the 2,000 you need daily as a woman, nothing more.

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Pregnancy Myth #6: Relaxing Your Hair While Pregnant is Bad for Baby
Yet another pregnancy myth that you should disregard is that your baby coming to harm when you relax your hair.

I remember going to the salon to have my hair relaxed in my last trimester and the hair stylist looked at me in shock, then proceeded to inform me relaxing the hair while pregnant was bad as the relaxer would find its way into my my bloodstream and harm my baby.

I stood rooted to a spot when she was done talking, not believing the absurdity of what I’d just heard or that anyone could be so ‘silly’.

In a calm, but firm voice, I told her that was just a myth and definitely couldn’t happen. You can imagine my shock further when a few other women corroborated her story and insisted I give up relaxing my hair.

Needless to say, I left the salon and ended up doing it myself at home.

Pregnancy Myth #7: Touching a Cat Would Harm Your Baby
A cat is seen as a harbinger of evil in this part of the world, so this pregnancy myth didn’t surprise me one bit.

While its possible to contact Toxoplasmosis (a disease that’s harmful to a growing fetus) when you come in contact with a cat’s contaminated feces, merely touching or stroking a cat is not in anyway harmful to you or your growing baby.

There you have it; seven pregnancy myths that are so common in this part of the world, you’re bound to hear them.

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