6 Success Tips for Women in Business

by Muobo
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The business world is tough; fraught with challenges and obstacles and being a woman running a business in this world you will likely experience twice as many difficulties. You are constantly faced with hurdles that threaten your success and peace of mind.

Besides the usual business challenges of inadequate funds, stiff competition, difficult-to-manage employees, disappointment from suppliers, customers refusing to pay up when due, you are also faced with a set of challenges unique to the female gender alone and you must overcome these if you want to keep your head above water and succeed.

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These are Some Challenges You Can Expect to Face as a Woman in Business

Learning to Balance Family/Motherhood and Career

This is one of the biggest challenges we face as women. It can be tough keeping a home and also running a business. These are major areas of your life both vying for equal attention and serving both can leave you feeling spent and emotionally drained.
No one asks if you had a bad day with difficult employees, the fact is, once you cross the front door, you stop being an employer and assume the role of a wife/mother/homekeeper and you must carry out these duties.

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You Aren’t Taken as Seriously as Your Male Colleagues, Even When You Carry Out Similar Duties

As a woman in male-dominated professions like technology, plumping, information security, actuary, ICT, and auto mechanics, expect to face major challenges.

A lot of notion will be assumed and one of such is men thinking you don’t have the full knowledge or the skill set to operate in and succeed in that field. Most won’t just think this, but will act it as well.

You Experience a Lot More Difficulties Accessing Business Fundings

Investors or lending bodies are usually careful about who they give loans to and would require you present proof of good financial capabilities before disbursing such funds.

A lot of investors also lack confidence in your ability as a woman to properly manage funds and you would have to really prove yourself to be eligible for one.

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Dealing with More Stress

With all that’s being written about being a woman in business, you’d also have to contend with more physical and emotional stress which can get you discouraged.

So How Do You Cope with These Challenges

  • Learn some time-management skills as this will greatly help in the office as well as on the home front. Come up with a time table and put everything in its place. And although, things may not go how you’d want all the time, they will most of the time and this will simplify your life as well as eliminate stress.
  • Learn to take the attitude of your male colleagues in stride and instead, let your results do the talking for you.
  • Trying to convince them you are suitable for the business and know what you’re doing will achieve little, but succeeding at what they do will and also earn you their respect.
  • If you find you’re experiencing difficulties accessing funds, you might want to turn to alternative means. You should consider turning to family and friends as convincing them of your credibility would be a lot easier and you’re most likely to get the funds you need here.
  • Find a mentor in the business, preferably a woman and learn from her. Study her business to find out her success tips and try incorporating these in your own business.
  • Give yourself a treat once in a while as a way of de-stressing and you’ll be glad you did.

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