6 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Hard Water Stain from Your Toilet

by Muobo
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Those brown water marks in toilet bowls and faucets are very unsightly and try as you might, they don’t come off as easily as you’d want. This is because these stains are made by hard water or simply put, the mineral content like lime and calcium contained in the water.

These minerals remain still long after the water is dried up, causing those marks.

Usually, you can get these hard water marks off by going at it hard with a brush and your regular cleaning agent. However, while this method works, there are much easier ways to get your toilet cleaned again and all using unconventional items you can find in your kitchen.

Here are Some Unconventional Ways to Get These Brown Water Stains Off in No Time

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar to Get Rid of Hard Water Marks
Baking soda is great as a cleaning agent and can be used to clean a lot of household items, including your toilet bowl.

Combined with vinegar and it becomes a much stronger cleaning agent that will dissolve that mineral stains in the toilet bowl, getting it cleaned in no time.

To use, pour some baking soda into the toilet bowl, especially on the stained part and swish this around. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then pour in the vinegar.

Let this also sit for 10 minutes, go at the stain with a scrubbing brush and then flush.

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2. Vinegar Solution to Get Rid of Hard Water Marks
If you’re fresh out of baking soda or you’d rather not use this item, you can still get your toilet clean using just a vinegar solution.

Since vinegar is also a multi-purpose agent used for cleaning, you can make use of it solely to eliminate those hard water marks.

To use, mix one part vinegar and one part water and pour this into a spray bottle.

Next, spray this solution on the brown water stains, leave for ten minutes, scrub, and then flush.

3. Coca-Cola to getting Rid of Hard Water Marks
This is one very unconventional cleaning option and first time I had to use it to wash my toilet, I drank it instead. This is because I couldn’t bring myself to ‘waste’ a perfectly appealing-looking bottle of coke.

However, I have gone on to use it a few times with very good results.

To use, pour the coca cola directly on the stain or use a spray bottle to achieve this, let it sit for a few hours to loosen the stain, scrub and then flush.

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4. Sandpaper to Get Rid of Hard Water Marks
If you find the hard water marks aren’t coming off, even after scrubbing with baking soda you might want to use something a little stronger and a sandpaper does a great job of this.

To use, follow these steps:

– pour in your baking soda and vinegar solution as usual into the toilet bowl for some minutes.

– wet the sandpaper and gently but firmly scrub at the brown water stain.

Ensure the sandpaper is wet at all times so you don’t scratch the porcelain bowl as you try to get the stain off.

5. Grape Fruit and Salt to Get Rid of Hard Water Marks
Another effective remedy to get rid of those brown water marks is grape juice and salt.

To use, slice your grapefruit in two, sprinkle a little salt on the sliced surface and scrub at the stain. Do this for a while, and then flush.

6. Toothpaste to Get Rid of Hard Water Marks
This is another unconventional way to remove those stains from your toilet bowl.

Just dab a little on an old toothbrush you no longer use and scrub at the stain a little at a time.

Once done, flush and your toilet bowl will not only be clean, it will also smell fresh and minty.

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