Ways to turn a breech baby

6 Proven Ways to Turn a Breech Baby

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6 Proven Ways to Turn a Breech Baby

Knowing you are expecting can be an exhilarating time in your life; you are carrying a little life inside of you and you hug this knowledge to your chest, glorying in it.

However, fate can put a little dampener on this joy when you find out you are having a breech baby; your baby is lying in the bottoms first position and doesn’t seem to be making any moves to turn.

For most expecting mothers, this situation usually resolves itself by the 30 – 32 week as the baby flips over heads down by itself without any medical intervention in an act called a spontaneous cephalic version.

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On the other hand, if your breech baby is yet to turn by the 34 – 36 week, then medical help is usually sought. There are some natural techniques you can adopt and the good news is that they are so easy as to be done without any medical supervision.

Facts About Beech Babies/Pregnancies

  • Breech Pregnancies aren’t a that common and thankfully, only about 3-4% of all pregnancies turn out to be breeched.
  • There are a few types of breech pregnancies including frank, complete and footling breech.
  • A lot of reasons may cause your baby to become breeched.
  • A baby is considered breeched if she hasn’t turned by 35 or 36 weeks.
  • Most breeched babies can be turned using medical or natural means.
Ways to turn a breech baby
Ways to turn a breech baby

What Causes a Breeched Pregnancy?

A few things can cause your baby to be breeched including any of the following:

  • Carrying multiple pregnancies.
  • Haven had a few pregnancies.
  • Having too much or too little amniotic fluid, which makes the baby either move too much or have too little room to move.
  • Having an abnormal shaped uterus.
  • Having a history of premature deliveries.
  • Having medical conditions like fibroid or placenta previa.

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Here are Three Proven Ways to Turn a Breech Baby

There are quite a few ways to turn a breech baby and these also include a few exercises considered safe in pregnancy. They are:

1. The Breech Tilt
To do this, place a mat on the floor and lie flat on it. Elevate your hips a little, with your knees bent and place a pillow under this.

Remain in this position for 5 – 10 minutes at a time and try to do this three times daily. You should also do this prior to eating and target when your baby appears active so she has ample energy to turn.

2. Go Moxibustion
Moxibustion is a Chinese herb said to induce flipping with a breech baby. The way it works, you burn the herbs just outside your little toe and this encourages the release of estrogen and prostagladins, two hormones that cause the uterus to contract, thereby forcing the baby to turn.

To achieve this though, you would need to purchase some Moxibustio sticks and perform this treatment 3 – 4 times daily.

3. The Dolphin Pose
The dolphin pose has been used severally with great success to turn a breech baby.

This yoga pose basically involves yu forming a V with your legs firmly on the ground and your head as well as your elbows also touching the ground.

Ways to turn a breech baby
Ways to turn a breech baby

Other Natural Ways to Turn a Breech Baby

4. Playing Some Music
This is a very gentle but it is effective in getting a breech baby to turn.

Since a baby’s bearings are well developed by the third trimester, this method is used to lure a baby towards the sound of music or noise.

The mom should place a headphone just at her lower abdomen and do this as often as she can throughout the day.

Be sure, however, that the music isn’t turned on too loud so it doesn’t end up harming the baby.

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5. Go for a Massage
If all else fail, which is unlikely, you should opt for a massage. A massage is great in so many ways as it doesn’t just have great potential to flip a breech baby over, but also improves circulation and gets rid of whatever kinks you might have in your muscles.

6. The Ice Method
This method, while appearing mean, is employed for a good cause and usually gets the job done.

Unlike with the music method where you try to lure the baby towards a direction, this is used to repel the baby from a spot.

You should place an ice bag just at the top of your abdomen where your baby’s bead is and let this sit for some minutes.

Do this 2 – 3 times daily and the breech baby, in trying to avoid the coldness, will turn away.

Before doing this though, be sure to place a towel on your skin to full the intensity of the ice so it doesn’t end up hurting your skin.

7. Make Use of Essential Oil

Medical peppermints have recorded some successes when peppermint essential oil was rubbed on a woman’s belly. This oil was rubbed from the tom of the belly in a rainbow motion and also helped relaxed the mother.

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8.Make Use of Music to Coax the Baby

Although medically unproven, music has also being used to coax a breech baby to turn. The music was played close to the bottom of the stomach and logic was that it would encourage the baby to follow the sound and invariably turn.

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