get rid of pimples

6 Frequently Overlooked Ways to Get Rid of Pimples in No Time

by Muobo
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6 Frequently Overlooked Ways to Get Rid of Pimples in No Time

Did you know that having a pimple-free face doesn’t have to be expensive (characterized by pricey store-bought creams)? You can get rid of pimples in no time by making some slight adjustments to your lifestyle and or using natural items that can be found easily around your home

Kids can be mean, especially teenagers and in secondary school, I was the brunt of this meanness a lot of the times. Why? I had a bad case of pimples which was spread all over my face. No inch was spared and so I was nicknamed “Pimples Factory”.

Since that was a name I hated, I sought very means possible to get rid of these pimples. I tried every tip I was given (desperate for a cure),except the really gross ones.

In the end, only one or more worked for me, but I was glad they still did.

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Every now and then, I get a smattering of same pimples, especially few days to that special time of the month and I again turn to these tips that worked so well years back.

I’ll be sharing a few of them here and hope they help you get rid of those pimples like they did me then.

get rid of pimples
Girl suffering from pimples

Here are Some Simple Ways of Getting Rid of Pimples in No Time

1.Wash Your Face Twice Daily, No More

Pimples or acne come about when the pores on your skin get clogged by bacteria, dirt, or pollutants which our skin gets exposed to daily.

You should wash your skin twice daily using cool or lukewarm water and a very mild toilet soap.

While it might seem logical that washing your face a lot during the day will eliminate excess oil, doing so will actually strip it of its natural oil and cause your sebaceous gland to try to compensate by producing more oil.

This excess oil will in turn lead to a pimple or acne breakout, the very thing you were trying to avoid.

You should wash wash once in the morning and then at night and leave it at that.

get rid of pimples
get rid of pimples

2.Use a Fitting Sponge for Your Face

While your skin definitely needs to be washed often, especially your face, scrubbing at it (your face), with a hard object like a sponge is not encouraged.

A lot of people are against using a sponge for your face as this tends to over exfoliate the skin and could further irritate your skin, leading to a pimple breakout.

Dermatologists recommend opting for a good facial cleanser instead and using this once or twice daily.

However if you must use a sponge, there are softer sponges like a baby sponge or a washcloth which you can use in place of your regular sponge. These are soft and will serve to remove more dirt and bacteria from your face as against using just your hand.

3.Try Not to Touch Your Face Too Often

Our hands always carry dirt or bacteria which we transfer onto our faces each time we touch it.

Since we can’t see these bacteria to determine which type they are, we might be unknowingly transferring the p. acnes bacteria, the bacteria responsible for causing acne unto our face and triggering an acne or pimple breakout.

So strive to touch your face less often and you’ll be less prone to pimple and acne or pimple breakout.

get rid of pimples
Natural ways to get rid of pimples

4.Make Use of Green Tea

So, I only discovered this recipe a little while back and I was as shocked as you probably are right now. I didn’t see how tea that was meant to be consumed could possibly get rid of pimples. However, I went ahead to try it still. I felt there was nothing to lose as my face was already blemished.

Surprisingly it worked and cleared my pimples greatly in a little under a week.

Green tea is so effective as it contains flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory and this is exactly what the pimples need.

There are quite a few green tea recipes you can choose to get rid of your pimples. Most people prefer to just brew a cup and drink it as often as they can. However, for a quicker result, you can apply the brewed tea topically to the pimples using a spray bottle.

Tear open the green tea teabag, and pour the content into a bowl. Add a few drops of aloe vera before applying on your face is.

If using the brewed tea, you can also add one half teaspoon of honey, aloe vera or fish oil before spraying to your face, neck or any other affected parts.

5.Keep Your Towel Clean

A dirty towel is home to millions of bacteria which gets transferred to your skin and face, clogging it.

Ensure you wash your towel as often as possible (after every three to four uses) to eliminate the dead skin cells and bacteria clinging to it.

6.Wash Your Beddings Often

Another item of clothing you should keep clean are your bedsheet and pillowcases. This is because these items come in contact with our skin daily where you transfer oil, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells onto them.

Like your towels, you should wash tour bedsheets after every three uses to prevent transferring these dirt back onto your face.

So, there you have them; some pretty simple remedies that helped get rid of my pimples.

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