6 Everyday Habits that are Harmful to Your Body as a Woman

by Muobo
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Hey guys, welcome to my blog once again. Did you know that certain everyday habits we see as harmless aren’t quite so and actually cause minor to major harms to our bodies over time?

Here are six of such habits you should know and avoid:

Harmful Habits
Washing Your Vagina with Antiseptic or Perfumed Soaps

Quite a number of women make use of antiseptic or perfumed soap to wash their vagina. What this does is that it disrupts the natural flora of bacteria down there, leaving you prone to an inflammation or infection.

The vagina is the second largest site for bacteria in your body, right behind your bowels, and these bacteria exist there for a reason.

Good bacteria are predominant in the vagina and they work by producing antibiotics that help kill bad bacteria, and also help to maintain the natural acidic state of the vagina.

If you must wash with soap, it is recommended you use a toilet soap to wash once or twice daily.

Douching is just as bad as washing with antiseptic soaps. While you may have the good intention of wanting your vagina cleaned by douching, it will cause you more harm than good.

Sleeping with Your Makeup On
Sometimes, we get so tired after the day’s work that we’re asleep even before our heads hit the pillow and we don’t bother with a shower or at least a face wash.

Research shows that doing this once, even a few times has little or no effect on our our body and skin. However, when it becomes a habit, it can lead to the pores on your skin becoming clogged and forming microcomedome, an element which makes you prone to an acne breakout.

It is therefore recommended you wash your face just before you go to bed, or use a deep cleansing cleanser to remove deep-down dirt from your pores.

Going Out without a Good Sunscreen

This is yet another harmful lifestyle habit most of us women are guilty of.

The sun contains Ultra Violent (UV) rays that don’t react well with our skin. Constant exposure to this makes you prone to wrinkles and fine lines and could likely also give you a dull, coarse skin.

Women are advised to use cream with a sun protection factor of at least 30, even on cloudy days.

Wearing a Very Tight Bra

Quite a number of women are of the opinion that a tight bra is needed to keep your breasts firm, a notion proven true by research.

However, a few women have taken this a little farther and go for the tightest bras they can find, not minding the obvious discomfort it gives.

The effect of this is that it prevents the free flow of blood and lymph nodes to your breasts, which is bad for your health.

Your lymph tissue are responsible for eliminating toxins from the body. With a tight bra, they get compressed and are unable to function properly and this leaves you susceptible to breast cancer.

Not Changing Your Pads Often

There really isn’t a fixed amount of time for a woman to change her pad. Your period flow determines this.

However, it is recommended you change your pad every 4-6 hours as wearing one longer brings about a bad odour and could also cause harmful bacteria to build up.

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