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6 Daily Habits that Will Simplify Your Life as a Career Woman

by Muobo
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6 Daily Habits that Will Simplify Your Life as a Career Woman

As career women there are those daily habits we can adopt to make our lives and activities much easier.

It can be hard combining career and the daily, monotonous task of running a home. Try as you might, sometimes one suffers and you end up harbouring some guilt and perhaps feeling a bit unfit for the role, not to mention the stress that comes with trying to manage both.

But did you know that with careful planing and some slight lifestyle adjustments u can get to run both aspects of your life and do so quite smoothly?

More and more women are living their dreams and getting to hold down and excel at careers they love. What’s best? Their home front also doesn’t suffer and at the end, its a win-win situation for everyone.

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If you would like to find out how here are six daily or frequent habits you can adopt to achieve this

Daily habits
Daily habits

1. Do One Load of Laundry Daily
Doing the laundry is usually one of the major challenges most women face, especially when you have more than one kid.

You are yet to fold a pile of washed clothes into the closet or clothing rack, when another is ready and waiting to be washed.

If you find your laundry piles up really fast, you might want to try a method that works wonders for me as it simplifies my wash time: do one load of laundry daily after work.

Pick a time each day to get the laundry done. For me, the best time is when I’m having my bath, that way I can wash those little bits that need some extra care as I bath.

Now you’ll find you might have just a handful of clothes to wash each time, but getting these washed will prevent that dirty clothes pile that can be annoying.

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2. Cook in Bulk
Another area of our lives which takes time and sometimes turns out to be a bit stressful, is cooking.

I used to agonize over cooking dinner in the past. I would get home tired, but still had to make dinner before hubby arrived.

Of course, being considerate, there were times he picked up pizza or any other fastfood and I was let off that stress.

However, since this couldn’t happen all the time, I was still stuck with making dinner most times, no matter how tired I was.

Now though, I avoid all that stress by cooking in bulk ahead of time. I usually make a few meals on weekends, package them in small airtight plates and preserve in the fridge or freezer.

With this, all I have to do daily is defrost and microwave, which takes way less time than it would cooking from the scratch.

However, overtime, I found leaving food in the freezer for too long makes it go a little bland, so now I only cook a week’s meal in advance.

Daily habits
Everyday habits

3. Prioritize the Housechores

Not every chore needs to be done daily. Some can stay a few days without it being obvious it was skipped.

One of such chores is sweeping. If you and hubby are away from the house throughout the day, you’ll find you might have very little dirt each night and the house would therefore not be required to be swept daily.

If you have kids, they can chip in to take some of the workload and stress of you. Toucan make it so it becomes a kind of daily chore for each child, that way it all gets done before you get back from work.

You should prioritize chores so you don’t end up expend the little energy you have left at the end of each day.

More Daily Habits…

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4. Put In 15- 20 Minutes at Night Just Before You Go to Be

You’d be amazed with just how much tidiness you can achieve putting in 15 – 20 minutes daily tidying the house.

Start with a chore you’ve been put off for weeks and leave it once you start to feel too tired. You can always come back to continue the next day.

While this time might seem short, they add up to get a lot done at the end of each week.

5. Persuade Your Partner to Chip in

Each home has its own set of house rules it leaves by and for some families, both parties chip in to settle the bills and also get the chores done. For others however, house chores is seen as the woman’s responsibility, and is something she has to do irrespective.

If you find handling these house chores is a little too much for you, you could try persuading your partner to chip in often so your workload is reduced.

In the end, you both benefit from this method as you get things done faster and you are spared the undue stress doing the entire chores could bring.

Daily habits
Daily habits

6. Get Paid Help

If you discover your partner isn’t willing to help or doesn’t have the time to do so, you might want to look into paid housekeeping.

There are tons of agencies offering this service and you can get a trusted housekeeper in no time.

You’d only need to work out an arrangement with this new help and you’re spared tons of stress as you’d have a little more time to rest.

For me, there was a time I employed the services of these help. We worked out an arrangement where they would come in twice a week to get every chore I couldn’t do done in the evenings. This worked perfectly for the duration I needed it; my house was as neat and tidy as I wanted and I also managed to get a pressing work project done.

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