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6 Business Attitudes that are Hurting Your Business and How You Can Correct This

by Muobo
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6 Business Attitudes that are Hurting Your Business and How You Can Correct This

Business attitudes can make or break your business.

Did you know that the wrong business attitude is capable of burying your business six feet under? Did you also know that the right ones at the perfect time can and has catapulted people to levels that would have taken a much longer time to achieve?

Most people fail to realize their attitude determines how far they go in life. Your attitude can make you or have you buried under layers of mediocrity and unsuccess. It can open doors of goodwill and favour or have you struggle and trudge to even achieve some level of success.

In the business world, attitude is everything. No matter what your business is about, you will have competitors who probably have better marketing strategies and better business acumen than you do. Having an excellent business attitude, along with other great qualities, will put you at a disadvantage over them and this is what determines if customers will remain with you or port to your competition.

Take this scenario, I went into a mall a few months ago and entered one of the boutiques there. There was this beautiful skirt suit that caught my eyes and I just wanted to get a closer look at it. On entering the store, I met with the store attendant and this is what happened:

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She profiled me and came to the conclusion I wasn’t likely a potential customer. Her attitude hurt, but I went ahead anyways to ask the price of the outfit and from where she sat, she muttered a quiet 150,000 ($416). Her attitude reeked of quiet disdain. It was obvious she felt I couldn’t afford the outfit.

Was she right? Yes, I definitely couldn’t afford that outfit. But my point is, with an attitude like hers, she would lose customers if she profiled them wrongly; customers like Mark Zuckerberg who like to look simple.

Business attitudes
Business attitudes can make or break you.

On another scenario experience, I passed a store selling really attractive foot wears. I didn’t go in this time, but had my eyes glued to one of the flip flops as it was breathtaking. The shop attendant saw this and came out to meet me. Her attitude was quiet warm, but I assured her I was only window-shopping.

She convinced me to come try it out anyways. I did and ended up buy two pairs in different colours!

From these scenarios, the first attendant lacks the right business sense or attitude, while the second does and will likely make more sales than she would ordinarily have.

These and many more are likely attitudes that go on daily in the business world and also outside it.

Most companies, knowing just how important attitude is in growing and retaining customers, ensure their staff have the nicest, most professional attitude obtainable in the industry.

In such companies there are measures put in place to ensure the highest possible customer service is observed and staff who break these are severely punished, to the extent of getting fired.

Business attitudes
Testing your customer right is one of the best business attitudes to have.

Here are Some Business Attitudes that Drive Customers Away

1.Profiling Your Customer as Being Unable to Afford the Product or Service

Acting like your customer is too poor to afford your product is one attitude almost everyone who earns an average income has experienced, especially if you’re in the habit of looking simple.. This is humiliating and the customer will never come back.

2.Acting Like You Have Something More Important to Attend to.

Even if this wasn’t what you meant, checking your watch or the clock often can pass across the wrong message to your customer. It can come across as you’re supposed to be somewhere else instead of attending to the customer or worse, you’d rather be someplace else. Even if you have an urgent errand to run, push this to the background so you can give the customer all the attention they need.

3.Being very Unfriendly and/or Sporting a Very Serious Look.

A lot of companies know the importance of a pleasant disposition in driving sales, which is why the customer care person is most times trained to always have a friendly and approachable disposition.

4.Thinking You are Better than Your Customer and Acting It.

If a potential customer feels you’re looking down on them, nine times out of ten they will take their business and money someplace else.

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5.Not Knowing How to Treat Loyal Customers Right

There are brands (your competitors) looking to take your customers away from you. To make them stay, you have to give them a reason to; a sort of reward for their loyalty.

Draw up a loyalty plan, one that would be appreciated by your customers. You could start by giving discounts, especially to repeat customers. This is good business sense that keeps customers loyal to you.

6.Engaging in a Shouting Match with an Irate Customer

Understand your customer is always right and an angry customer is twice as right, at least at that moment in time.

Never shout at an angry customer as this is one attitude will a strong capacity to kill your business. If a customer returns to you angry, keep calm, even if it kills you. Listen to what he has to say and try to remedy the situation as best you can.

Business attitudes
Treat your customer like a king.

Business Attitudes That Keep Customers Instead

Here are some good business attitudes you should adopt instead to retain your customers:

1.Treat every customer like a king, even if you are older or have one advantage or the other over them.

2.Listen to them when they speak and try to offer what they want or something close.

3. Give your customer what fits. Don’t be so focused on making a sale that you convince a customer to buy a product even when you can clearly see it doesn’t fit. You will make an angry customer when they get home and realize they have been deceived and you most likely won’t see them again.

4.Reward loyal customers, no matter how small the reward item is. This shows you appreciate the customer and his business and will make him happy.

5.Learn how to properly profile people and even when you conclude a customer can’t afford your product, never pass across you feel so.

6.Always have a pleasant disposition and he correct attitude.

7.Give your customer your 100% attention.

The right business attitude applied consistently, will see your customer base growing effortlessly overtime and will save you tons in marketing and customer retention.

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