Things you should never do during your period

5 Things You Should Avoid During Your Period

by Muobo
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5 Things You Should Avoid During Your Period

As a woman, there are certain things you should avoid during your period, especially if you experience severe pain or discomfort.

Every healthy woman yet to get to menopause gets a period each month. Your period or menstruation is that time of the month where the unfertilized egg and your uterine lining get expelled from your uterus.

For a lot of women, periods come with great discomfort ranging from mild to severe pains that could leave you slightly incapacitated for a few days.

If you are one of such women that experience such severe discomfort, you can greatly reduce the amount of pain you go through by making some mild to moderate adjustments in your lifestyle.

Things you should avoid during your period
Things you should avoid during your period

Here are five of such activities or things you should avoid during your period:

1.Never Skip Meals

You lose quite a lot of blood when on your period and this makes your energy levels plummet. Skipping meals at this time, especially breakfast, worsens an already bad situation and you may find yourself more weakened and lacking in essential nutrients.

It’s important you eat a healthy meal during this time and also drink lots of water so your energy levels stay high.

If you find you are unable to eat large meals at a time, you might want to break your meals into smaller portions and eat around the clock, that way, your energy kevels is kept high and your body also doesn’t get starved of some much needed nutrients.

2.Don’t Have Unprotected Sex

While having sex during your period is healthy, even recommended as it relieves menstrual cramps, having unprotected sex could be dangerous as it leaves you exposed to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

As a woman, your cervix is more open during your period, leaving you more prone to picking up harmful pathogens.

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3.Limit Physical Activities as Much as Possible

As earlier pointed out, you already are low on energy while on your period, so engaging in any strenuous activity is highly discouraged as this will further deplete your energy reserve.

If you must engage in such activities, ensure you are replenishing on your energy so you don’t run out of.

You are also more likely to come down with a back or waist pain at this time when you over exert yourself.

Things you should avoid during your period
Things you should avoid during your period

4.Try to Get Enough Rest

Your system goes through a hormone disorder while on your period. It is therefore important you get enough rest to give it ample time to normalize.

You should endeavour to get the recommended 7-8 hours sleep and any rest you might be able to get.

5.Avoid Soda Water

Although medically unproven, it is thought taking soda water while on your period disrupts your period flow and causes some period blood to remain in your uterine walls.

The following however, are good habits and you might want to adopt a few of these while on your period:

  1. Take lots of water as this will also prevent you feeling bloated. The recommended dosage is 7-8 glasses, more if you are able to keep it down.
  2. Take warm water or any hot liquid as often as you can to prevent cloated blood, as this will get the menstrual blood flowing freely.
  3. Increase your calcium and iron intake to replace the ones you’re losing. You might want to hold off taking iron supplements however, until a day or so after tour period ends as a few women report having an increase in their menstrual flow when taken during the period.
  4. You can also increase your Vitamins A C, and E intake to boost your absorption of iron.
  5. Take lots of magnesium and food rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  6. Take probiotic supplements as these are healthy bacteria needed by the body.

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